From Complacency to Power

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Simmering like a pot of vegetables right onrepparttar verge of a boil, Grace knew something had to change. She was stagnant, nothing was moving. People had made promises yet situations had not changed. She was frustrated. She was clearly not inrepparttar 124077 driver's seat and was tired of waiting for shifts to happen that needed to happen in order to get where she wanted to go.

In a flash of a moment, she made an important decision. Instead of allowingrepparttar 124078 anger she was feeling to turn into a quagmire of depression, she chose to be righteously angry. In doing so, she was able to steer away from her frustration and userepparttar 124079 anger to empower herself, instead. In doing so, she usedrepparttar 124080 anger as fuel instead of using her anger as quicksand.

With her main goal as her target, Grace focused on creative solutions. She was not content to stand byrepparttar 124081 sidelines anymore. She spent an hour in active contemplation, brainstorming alternative pathways to get to her target.

Inrepparttar 124082 following 15 minutes, she had a "Top 10" list of actions to take to reach her goal that she had never before considered. In another fifteen minutes, Grace had taken action, making two phone calls and written a note to three parties who could partner with her in a solution.

In 90 minutes, Grace went from being completely stuck to being onrepparttar 124083 road to freedom.

The steps she took were both simple and significant. They can also be easily applied to any challenging situation.

1. Grace noticed and accepted when things were not working. Instead of continuing to punish herself for being wrong, or not enough, she shifted her anger from frustration into action.

2. She took responsibility instead of continuing to wait for others to act responsibly.

3. When she moved into action, she carefully contemplated and sought out a variety of solutions. This way she remained open to a variety of options instead of seeing only one way to her target as she had previously. She knew this was foundational to her lack of success before, so she chose NOT to have history repeat itself.

Positive Creativity

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

I wrote this article after a conversation with a collegue who had all but given up. As I listened to this lost soul pour his heart out with one negative thought after another, I thought to myself, it's no wonder he's failing. If I had an attitude like that towards life and business I would have quit trying to succeed onrepparttar internet a year ago, or even today. I tried to instillrepparttar 124076 power of positive thought in this person and I sincerely hope that he's going to hang in there. There is something positive in every aspect of life, whether it be success or failure.

Positive Creativity is a way of using your imagination to create positive results. You already use this technique in your daily rituals with or without knowing it. Everybody uses this "Positive Creativity" in his or her daily lives. Many of us use it in a completely unconscious way every day. Unfortunately, too many of us have such an overabundance of negative concepts about life, love and experiences. We too often believe that limitations, difficulties and plain old bad luck are our lifetime partners. In believing this consciously or unconsciously, we negatively create problems in life for ourselves.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn how to use Positive Creativity in everyday life, thus learning to use it inrepparttar 124077 business arena as well. If you can learn to use your positive creative imagination in a more conscious way, you can create enjoyment, love, fulfillment and ultimately business and sales. Positive Creativity is not something you learn in class or from a book. It's something that you nurture and develop within yourself. It's a way of doing things by leaving your negative thoughts behind you.

Your imagination gives yourepparttar 124078 ability to create a picture or structure an outcome in your mind. Once you create a clear picture of what want and focus on that goal, it can become reality using "Positive Creativity". This goal could be anything from love, to a new car, to a new home, to a new business idea.

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