Fremont John Releases Timeline

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Contact: Margaret Ashton, Artist Manager Aim High Music Group 3510 Jaffa Drive, Sarasota, FL 34239 Telephone: 941-952-5060 E-Mail: Website:

Sarasota, Florida--June 13, 2005--Fremont John’s music is called acoustic thunder, and for a very good reason. His new release Timeline is a powerful musical statement, featuring spine tingling melodies and lyrics that cut like a knife. With nearly 20 years of classical piano training and an equal amount of time onrepparttar trombone, John is no stranger to playing a multitude of instruments. His chosen instruments on his new release arerepparttar 142734 guitar and his incredible voice to accompany his acoustic journeys, which makes his music authoritative and convincing.

Timeline features scorchers like “Jericho’s Wall,” which kicks things off creating strong imagery of battles won and lost. This man can belt out a song, when he sings “Forgive Me” you can tell he is playing for keeps, and on “No Pity On Me,” some twangy slide guitar that is blues and country from head to toe, are one ofrepparttar 142735 many atmospheres set to his poignant lyrical prose.

Movies – Watch What You Want, When You Want

Written by Rickia Sanders

Movies are a tremendous source of entertainment for most people. The reason? It’s probably because even people who have little in common can find a movie to enjoy together.

The moviemakers apparently understoodrepparttar need to create films that appeal to a wide audience. Otherwise,repparttar 142621 good guy wouldn’t take time out in his pursuit ofrepparttar 142622 bad guys to kissrepparttar 142623 girl. The girl wouldn’t get herself in a wreck that required a heroic rescue before she got her guy. And – perhapsrepparttar 142624 most obvious example of all –repparttar 142625 cartoons wouldn't have such great humor that appeals torepparttar 142626 adults almost as much asrepparttar 142627 children.

Technology has played an important role in broadeningrepparttar 142628 appeal of most movies to encompass a wider audience. Considerrepparttar 142629 movies of a half-century ago. There were spacemen on Earth and earthlings in space, butrepparttar 142630 scenes were usually very plain andrepparttar 142631 almost everything was left torepparttar 142632 imagination ofrepparttar 142633 view. Today,repparttar 142634 vistas are bigger than life, futuristic scenes are more incredible thanrepparttar 142635 average imagination could have conjured on its own andrepparttar 142636 stunts are unbelievable – because they are humanly impossible.

But even when we’re watching a stunt that can’t possibly have happened in real life, we’re awed and amazed and can’t wait to see it again. And again. And that’srepparttar 142637 beauty ofrepparttar 142638 movie experience today. Not only are there thousands upon thousands of movies to watch, many are available to buy, rent or download onto your PC. You can watch them as often as you want, shelve them for awhile and watch them again.

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