Freelance copywriters on the Internet: How to tell the difference between heaven-sent and hack

Written by Adam Barone

If you’re hunting for a good freelance copywriter and have never done it before, or if you have but find yourself needing another forrepparttar first time in a while, I don’t envy you. This “brave new” e-world has turned your once straightforward search of a neatly stacked file of brochures and introductory letters into a bothersome wade through a mucky world of half-baked online listings and search results which only seem to list those freelance copywriters who are experts in SEO, or at least know whatrepparttar 142035 heck it means (search engine optimization).

You: “I just need a good freelance copywriter to write this product launch brochure who’s not going leave me hanging or make me ask for another round of financing.”

Google: “Results 1-10 of 44,700 for brochure copywriter (0.17 seconds).”

And that’s not even a very popular search term. Yet, with 44,700 doors (or thousands more depending on your search) to choose from, what arerepparttar 142036 chances you’ll clickrepparttar 142037 one that leads to:

•A freelance copywriter who plays nice with designers and doesn’t charge a first-born child

•A freelance copywriter who knows when and where to offer their expertise on how to communicate a message

•Creative, cliché-free, differentiating, success-enabling copy that is turned in clean and on deadline

It’s probably better than a 1-in-44,700 chance, but you’re still more likely to fall short than be wildly ecstatic about your freelance copywriter decision unless you add a few points of structure to guide you throughrepparttar 142038 online chaos:

1.Look at freelance copywriters further downrepparttar 142039 list. Unless you’re specifically looking for an SEO copywriter, how high a freelance copywriter or a link to a freelance copywriter ranks in search results is not indicative of how good that copywriter may be. Search engines rank web sites according to formulas of keyword saturation in site copy, meta tags, links and other places. Not how well a freelance copywriter’s work achieved his client’s objectives. Spend some time at this. There is more torepparttar 142040 marketing, branding and advertising worlds thanrepparttar 142041 Internet, and there are many worthy and successful freelance copywriters who work inrepparttar 142042 offline world, but have only a token presence onrepparttar 142043 Net. Go ahead and look atrepparttar 142044 top-ranked freelance copywriters, but investigaterepparttar 142045 others as well. Look at who their clients are,repparttar 142046 work they do,repparttar 142047 brands they’ve worked on, what their site is like and testimonials from past and current clients. That should give you a good gauge. Or if you likerepparttar 142048 advertising a specific company do a search for “CompanyX AND copywriter.”


Written by M H Ahsan

E-newsletters are a great way to increase quality leads for sales teams and give a boost to your viral, word of mouth, and referral marketing programs. Here are 5 simple steps to create an e-newsletter your sales team will love.

#1 Keep it helpful: It's often repeated and often forgotten. But it'srepparttar kind of truism that's, well, true. If they don't readrepparttar 141530 newsletter, forget about capturing them as customers. Keep it short, informative and helpful. Unless your contact list consists solely of employees' mothers, subscribers don't want to read company press releases, long sales copy, or big clumps of text announcing your good fortune. What they want are quick tips that will increase their bottom line or at least make life easier.

#2 Make it interactive: Readers love to share their opinions. Give them an opportunity. At its best, a newsletter begins an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers and potential customers. Ask them to submit stories. Get them to take part in a survey. Make it about something that will help them in their business and then sharerepparttar 141531 results. Soon, you'll see a community forming with your business atrepparttar 141532 center.

#3 Advertise your business: Whilerepparttar 141533 stories in your newsletter should help your readers, fill other areas with advertisements about your services. Use creative links and copy to drive traffic to your site and to forms where you collect contact information. Between meatier stories try a short two- or three-line ad that will get people to explore your services further. Advertise white papers, live demos, webinars, and free consultations -- anything that will put them in contact with sales.

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