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Amazing as it may sound, there is a real shortage of good writers and poets. Try telling that torepparttar thousands of writers and poets who get daily rejection slips.

As far as they are concerned, writing is virtually impossible to break into no matter how hard they seem to try.

There may be a number of reasons why they don't succeed:

Their writing is not up to standard - as far asrepparttar 129328 particular publishers or editors are concerned;

They don't bother polishing their writing before submission;

They knock onrepparttar 129329 wrong doors - sending materials on a random basis;

They have failed to do basic research;

The list goes on.

1000s of publishers

There are of course thousands of publishers, especially online, who are willing to publish anything that you send them. Such publishers don't pay writers or poets. They expect that writers and poets should be grateful just to get published. That is reward enough.

Professional writers onrepparttar 129330 other hand command handsome fees. They make a good living out of writing.

Anyone can become a professional writer. You just needrepparttar 129331 determination to succeed. If you don't have a natural gift, you can learn to write well. This can be by self-study, online, or at a college or school near you.

High quality professional writers demand anything from $1000 to $5000 per project - andrepparttar 129332 best earn substantially more. A project may involve just one page or a few poems.

Why do most aspiring writers and aspiring poets fail?

In a recent survey conducted on behalf of, it became apparent that most writers and poets were not willing to invest time or effort in training or acquiringrepparttar 129333 necessary skills.

The Internet Has Made Millionaires. Can It Make You, The Creative Writer?

Written by Georgina Stath

The revolution ofrepparttar internet has brought opportunities for many that wanted to make a difference in their lives. It doesnít cost much to launch a business as it would inrepparttar 129327 offline world. The coverage is enormous and your target audience is easily accessible.

The fact is, you can make your own success story using this medium and those that have, share some common thingsÖ

> They want to succeed > They take responsibility forrepparttar 129328 way their lives are going > They take matters into their own hands > They have their own products > They sell their own products > They are masters of their own destiny

In short, they make things happen for themselves.

The internet was made forrepparttar 129329 creative writer. Itísrepparttar 129330 medium of communication. The medium where you, as a creative writer, can really unleash your creativity.

Why havenít more writers then woken up torepparttar 129331 opportunity that is staring them inrepparttar 129332 face?

Why donít they take their fate straight out ofrepparttar 129333 publishers hands and place it in their own hands? Because itís easier to just write a query letter and send it off with a kiss and prayer? Not true.

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