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Written by Jill Black

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As a freelancer there are many opportunities available for working from home as a career or providing an extra stream of income for your established information publishing business by filling the needs of a widely diverse market as a paid freelance article writer both onrepparttar 129693 internet and in offline publications.

What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an independent writer who earns his/her living by contracting for work projects, working for no fixed employer, and may work for a number of employers at any given time. 

You will be required to negotiaterepparttar 129694 terms and conditions  of work and all work must be completed torepparttar 129695 satisfaction  ofrepparttar 129696 clients requirements. 

Note: The objectives and requirements of both parties should be understood fully by both parties fromrepparttar 129697 start to save any problems later on - this includes terms of payment.

As a freelancer you need to keep up withrepparttar 129698 latest developments to compete inrepparttar 129699 marketplace.

This requires studying and researchingrepparttar 129700 needs of the  marketplace along with selling yourself to your potential clients.

Getting Started as a Freelancer 

The freelance market can be fiercely competitive at times  requiring emphasis on marketing your work effectively and  assessing your expertise and skills.

"How to" articles tend to sell well and most successful  freelancers maintain constant contact with marketplace  trends and requirements seeking those areas where they can fillrepparttar 129701 needs of potential clients.

Write your resume withrepparttar 129702 view of selling your strengths.   Use short sentences with each paragraph easy to read, clearly and concisely giving your qualifications or related experience forrepparttar 129703 job. 

Usually you will only have a few seconds to make an impact on your prospective client and this can makerepparttar 129704 difference between hiring you over someone else.

To find a niche (your niche) Web monkey has a very good article on finding and defining your niche as a web freelancer.

Many writers prefer to stick withinrepparttar 129705 topic subjects they can write confidently on although a good freelancer can research and write on any topic if and when required.

When you are decided onrepparttar 129706 subject niche you would like to fill seek out magazine publications, online and offline, on your chosen topic.

There are two main ways most freelancers find work -

Submitting to publications

Bidding on freelance contracts

If you do not wish to bid for work contracts until you have gained a degree of confidence in your abilities e.g. at some ofrepparttar 129707 sites listed below...

Seek out publications in your chosen field that accept articles e.g. if your interest in in fishing go to your local outlet selling magazines and see if they accept article contributions (this can usually be found insiderepparttar 129708 front cover in most magazines)

Many freelancers start by submitting to local community newspapers/letters as a way of establishing credibility as a published writer. 

Send a query letter or email your chosen publications with your subject ideas and an outline of your proposed article and how they may contact you if interested.   However, still expect to wait some time (sometimes up to three months if approaching offline publications) for a reply as most editors are very busy people.

Finding work onrepparttar 129709 Internet

Is Censorship a Dirty Word?

Written by Nikki Tate-Stratton

Onrepparttar shelves ofrepparttar 129691 children's section of your local library or bookstore you'll find books with characters who are child molesters, compulsive gamblers, and drug addicts. Teenagers in young adult novels have too much to drink, get pregnant, and commit crimes. Some series fiction has so little literary merit it seems a complete waste of your child's reading time. So, at what point should parents step in and intervene inrepparttar 129692 reading choices of their children? Should we simply turn our kids loose and let them find their own way throughrepparttar 129693 slew of available books, some of which we may find objectionable for any number of reasons? At what point does a well-meant reading suggestion become a subtle act of censorship?

If you have any kind of life yourself, you probably won't be able to read every book your child brings home, especially if you happen to live with an avid reader. Last summer my 12 year-old daughter read more than a hundred novels – she is a much faster reader than I am and even if I had wanted to keep up, I couldn't have. If you have more than one child, good luck!

Somewhere, someone has banned evenrepparttar 129694 very finest literary titles. Books are subversive vehicles – they expose children to new ideas, alternate worldviews, and different perspectives and this is exactly what makes them so threatening. But by reading a wide variety of books with our children and then using those books as launching points for discussions, we have an opportunity to show our kids how to approach books with a critical eye.

Characters struggling with moral dilemmas can be used to start discussions aboutrepparttar 129695 moral values of your own family. Exposure torepparttar 129696 mores of other cultures could be an excellent way to examine our own cultural assumptions and biases. For example, reading Deborah Ellis' novel, Breadwinner, (which looks at 6th grader, Parvana's experiences as a girl living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan) is a great way to launch discussions on gender relations, fundamentalism, or non-democratic forms of government.

If you are a believer in free speech andrepparttar 129697 free exchange of ideas in a democratic society, then don't be too quick to strip your child's shelves of Garfield comics, or forbid her to read anything by Francesca Lia Block. Instead, be aware of what your child is reading, offer gentle guidance, make suggestions for possible reading material, and remain open to discussions that may be triggered as a result of your child reading something from a perspective other thanrepparttar 129698 one found at home.

There are some terrific novels out there for teens covering subjects from drinking and drug use (What They Don't Know, Anita Horrocks) to teen gambling (Double or Nothing, Dennis Foon), or learning to find your own way inrepparttar 129699 face of outside pressures (Changing Jareth, Elizabeth Wennick). If you suspect it's time to have a chat about a subject like sexual orientation or religious beliefs different to your own, why not introducerepparttar 129700 topic through a book you can share and discuss with your child? The author's perspective does not have to match your own forrepparttar 129701 book to be useful.

Quibbling with content is notrepparttar 129702 only reason parents balk at certain books. Pulp fiction for youngsters is a cause for concern for many. But should you panic when your daughter picks up yet another title about Mary-Kate and Ashley? Not necessarily. Sometimes a child simply needs to unwind, relax, and not have to think too hard. Reading a bit of un-demanding series fiction is no worse than watching some television. Forrepparttar 129703 child who has developed an addiction to books like this, simply banningrepparttar 129704 offensive titles won't necessarily stop your child from reading them (and, an all out ban often serves to makerepparttar 129705 forbidden fruit allrepparttar 129706 more appealing). School and public libraries as well as best friends are all sources ofrepparttar 129707 contraband reading material even if you refuse to purchase another Sweet Valley High novel.

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