Freedom on the Internet

Written by Jesse S. Somer

The Internet brings freedom to speak your mind, but what if you're not allowed to use it?

Throughout all recorded history on our lovely little planet, Earth's human beings have been concerned with a few main ideals. One of these isrepparttar idea of freedom. Freedom, what is it? What does it mean to you? To look at it simply and in context of communication, I'd say that it isrepparttar 144909 right to express oneself within certain moral boundaries. Recently I have discovered thatrepparttar 144910 incredible tool ofrepparttar 144911 Internet is being infected by some of our imperfect human beliefs (a sign ofrepparttar 144912 perfect balance in Nature). Check out a website called 'Reporters Without Borders'. This site is dedicated to both freedom of speech forrepparttar 144913 masses as well as torepparttar 144914 safety ofrepparttar 144915 people who are trying to share true unadulterated stories withrepparttar 144916 wider community. Inrepparttar 144917 site's Internet section I came across a new article about MSN Spaces,repparttar 144918 blogging software from one of America's andrepparttar 144919 world's biggest companies, Microsoft. Well, it seems that in China they have agreed to haverepparttar 144920 words 'democracy' and 'Dalai Lama' completely rejected byrepparttar 144921 system, therefore censoring every on-line journal in China using this software. Looking atrepparttar 144922 Dalai Lama I don't get a feeling of hostile intent...

This comes just after China announced that all blogs and websites have to be registered throughrepparttar 144923 government's authority. After enquiring about how to put an independent blog onrepparttar 144924 Net a hopeful Chinese Internet user was told not to even bother trying to get back onrepparttar 144925 Net. The government now has real-time tools to 'watch' what people are saying at any given moment, and if you are deemed as writing something subversive you better watch your back, as you will be dubbed a cyber dissident. Onrepparttar 144926 website they've got a list of a large number of these 'criminals' who have been imprisoned in many different countries. A court case begins today for a Chinese man who wrote some punk music lyrics on his site. He could be put away for a long time. I'm not joking here, there are a lot of people sitting in cells, many of which are put through all kinds of torture. I'm lucky I'm not in China or one of these other often-repressively ruled countries or I'd be called a dissident just for writing these controversial words.

Telephone Conferencing - Evolution in the Web

Written by Diane Parker

The Need To Communicate

The need for businesses to communicate both internally and with each other has always been great. Successful transactions cannot be completed without communication - so much relies upon it; decent customer service; placing orders; winning new business.

As global markets have emerged with multinational organizations and twenty-four hour tradingrepparttar need to find a reliable and cost effective method of communicating on a worldwide level has grown too. Logistical problems such as different time zones, busy schedules and a need to quite literally be in at least two places at once has commanded a software application that can tackle these difficulties.

First there was teleconferencing where two or more participants could engage in verbal communication overrepparttar 144788 telephone. Certainly an effective means of conversing but, as we all know, dealing with a person face to face is far more preferable. Body language conveys so much more than just a voice alone.

Trace it back, and you will findrepparttar 144789 roots of web conferencing in localized intranet systems. Document sharing and collaborative working was developed from this andrepparttar 144790 software for these systems was developed further still.

The development ofrepparttar 144791 internet and its capabilities - greater bandwidth capacities, for example - made web conferencing a viable method of communication and developers forged ahead with refining their systems.

The expansion ofrepparttar 144792 internet saw not only big players trading inrepparttar 144793 global markets but small and medium organizations also found themselves trading with partners acrossrepparttar 144794 globe. The need for effective methods of communication had to addressrepparttar 144795 needs of all potential users, from multi-nationals to home-workers.

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