Freedom on Juneteenth - What have we forgotten...

Written by Daviyd Peterson

Every year for 140 years we have continued to celebrate that fateful Juneteenth day in Galveston, Texas whenrepparttar 2 year old news arrived thatrepparttar 144727 emancipation proclamation had been signed freeing all slaves. Black slavery was abolished on this Juneteenth day in Texas and an emancipation proclamation summary was delivered throughout Texas either officially or unofficially. But have we remembered to celebrate everything?

This Juneteenth celebration a final blow to American slavery has moved beyondrepparttar 144728 borders of Galveston, beyondrepparttar 144729 borders ofrepparttar 144730 great State of Texas, beyondrepparttar 144731 borders of repparttar 144732 U.S. to encircle several countries and faiths and peoples. We need to ask ourselves - have we remembered to celebrate everything?

Juneteenth in Galveston Texas is sometimes celebrated for a day or a week and even a whole month. Being freed from slavery can have that kind of memorable effect to where you want generation after generation to almost feelrepparttar 144733 embrace of emancipation. To remember Juneteenth not only as a time to barbeque and drink - but as a historic marker of freedom for a downtrodden people. Juneteenth celebrations and Texas emancipation should be synonymous in our minds - to be taught to our children as history so that it will never be repeated. Remember to celebrate everything.

Bedroom Furniture

Written by Matthew Anthony

Buying bedroom furniture can be an exciting time; unfortunately if you have not shopped for bedroom furniture in awhile or this is your first time to buy bedroom furniture on your own you may not be well versed inrepparttar many different kinds of bedroom furniture available.

Confusion about bedroom furniture often arises inrepparttar 144726 different sizes of beds and mattresses available. The twin or single bed is aboutrepparttar 144727 smallest type of bed onrepparttar 144728 market and while manufacturers differ inrepparttar 144729 sizes slightly,repparttar 144730 standard twin or single size bed measures 39 x 74. If you need a twin or single bed that is slightly wider and longer you might considerrepparttar 144731 size known asrepparttar 144732 super single; which measures 48 x 84. The old fashioned or full bed also known asrepparttar 144733 double bed is measured at 54 x 74. This isrepparttar 144734 kind of bed that you commonly see in standard hotel rooms. A queen size bed measures at 60 x 70 although you can purchase what is known asrepparttar 144735 California queen bed, a size that comes in longer thanrepparttar 144736 regular queen bed at 60 x 84. The next size up in bedroom furniture isrepparttar 144737 king size bed measuring 76 x 80 whilerepparttar 144738 California king size bed measures 70 x 84.

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