"Free sites do not build trust and credibility"...and neither does sites with a registered domain name!

Written by David Hallum

When ever I seerepparttar statement "Free sites do not build trust and credibility." It makes me ask, "What hosting service is this person promoting?"

Folks, in today's world of here today gone tomorrow .COM's, how can you really trust that any of these so called "Trusted and credible" registered domains will be around for years to come? Short answer...You can't.

First, let me tell you why I thinkrepparttar 125121 way I do. I've always understood that trust was something you earned and credibility was something you had to build. So now these folks are telling me that I can have instant trust and credibility just by registering a domain name? Get real!

I've been in business much too long, and I'm not just talking about online, nope I got my start in direct sales/mail order back in 1978 when I was only 18 years old. The first business(?) I started was a publishing business, well really I purchasedrepparttar 125122 rights to a report that I sold by placing ads in magazines and small newspapers.

I can remember back thenrepparttar 125123 phrase was, "you needed a business address and not a post office box if you wanted to build trust and credibility." While granted people are more likely to buy from a person using a real street address than they are from someone using a PO box. This in not why these so-called experts said it, you see they also said that your business address could not be your home address. Why? Because, they offered a mail forwarding service that had more scam artist as clients than you could count using your fingers and toes and mine too.

5 Strategies for Selling Yourself

Written by Kevin Nunley

This is a constant debate. Should you sell your product or yourself? Of course you should always sellrepparttar product. But, your long term goal should be to sell yourself as well. Here's how to start.

Be completely comfortable with who you are. Try to change yourself too much and people will sense dishonesty.

You should have a marketing strategy, but also be willing to give free advice and referrals. If you are building a long-term enterprise, this will be invaluable as you open up relationships with your customers.

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