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Written by Chuck McCullough

Depending on what you are reading, most sources state that a person must see an offer somewhere between 3 and 10 times before he or she will actually purchase.

And unless you are a master copywriter with expertise in forcingrepparttar sale down your visitor's throats, chances are that you will need to figure out how to get them back to your site for another visit, or two, or three.

Of course, withrepparttar 132092 right targeting you can throw yourself in repparttar 132093 path of those that are ready to buy, and getrepparttar 132094 sale. But what about converting those casual surfers into lifetime customers?

The best way to carry out this task is to figure out how to get your visitors to stay on your site longer, and hopefully return often. If they come back for future visits there will be a greater chance that they will actually purchase from you, or fromrepparttar 132095 affiliate programs that you are promoting.

This requires a different set of skills. Skills that usually point to that dreaded four-letter word that we all hate...WORK!

Its work because one ofrepparttar 132096 items required to bring users back is fresh, frequently updated content such as articles, reports, and tips. Finding and keeping updated content on your site can quickly become a dreaded chore.

In addition to fresh content on your site, you should produce a newsletter for your visitors. A newsletter can be a very powerful way to get your visitors to return to your site, and view your offers again. But, this also can be a time consuming venture.

How do you accomplish these tasks if you fall intorepparttar 132097 "no time" category?

You familiarize yourself with a concept known as "syndicated content!"

This has become a very popular means for website owners to offer fresh, up-to-date information for their visitors...with minimal effort.

Basically, you find places that allow you to publish their articles, reports, tips, etc. The usual exchange for this valuable content is that you includerepparttar 132098 authors information atrepparttar 132099 end ofrepparttar 132100 article when you publish it.

Become a resource and they'll return!

Written by Daryl Clark

One ofrepparttar biggest challenges every person conducting business onrepparttar 132090 world wide web faces, is how to get qualified traffic to return to their web site. Business people are always looking for affordable ways to get repeat traffic. You need to provide a reason for web surfer to come back to your site, otherwise they won't. The best strategy is, to BECOME A RESOURCE for them, then you will get repeat traffic. Here are a few tools you should consider using to bring people back to your site.

1. Have a "What's New" section and update it frequently. If you are selling products or if you have a portal site, people who have been to your site once, need a reason to come back. If you are consistently adding new high quality information or if you offer frequent product promotions, people will come back to your site more often. To learn "What's New".

2. Offer educational information and update it frequently. We increased our repeat site traffic by 300% last July. We began offeringrepparttar 132091 first syndicated web cast about Internet Business successes. The show isrepparttar 132092 "Moneyroom". It is a streaming media feed updated 5 times a week. The audio feed has real interviews with Internet business professionals. Mr. Mike Lamb producesrepparttar 132093 shows and updatesrepparttar 132094 content for us and other member sites virtually every day. All we had to do was pay a nominal annual fee and now we have new and exciting content added to our site virtually every day ofrepparttar 132095 week! To listen torepparttar 132096 show, visit our home page at and click onrepparttar 132097 "Moneyroom" Icon in our menu bar.

3. Create a web links page. Many companies don't realize that one ofrepparttar 132098 best ways to get repeat traffic is to have a relevant and comprehensive web links page. You can get new traffic and repeat traffic by offering to swap links with relevant sites. This goes back torepparttar 132099 idea of "being a resource" for your customers. To view our web links page just click here:

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