Free eBook: Business Domain Names

Written by Steve Baba

Since every website needs a name, Dr. Steve Baba has written a free ebook that will help you obtain a brandable, memorable domain name at a reasonable cost, which will contribute to your brand equity and profits. The ebook, downloadable from, explains how to select and buy an elite domain name. You will be able to obtain a better name than your competitors have.

There are at least 10,000 words in a dictionary that would make great domain names plus at least 10,000 proper names and 10,000 great short coined-words. With a supply of 30,000 great names and millions of good names, obtaining a good name is easy.

There is no need to pay more than a few thousand dollars for a great one-word domain name, and many good domain names are available for free. This book provides you withrepparttar information needed to beat domain name speculators at their games.

Both naming methodology to identify great domain names and negotiating/purchasing methods to obtain great domain names at low prices are covered. After a couple of introductory sections,repparttar 108289 book starts with domain naming goals orrepparttar 108290 criteria for choosing a great domain name: image, memorability, trademark-legal, and price. Then quality domain naming strategies are discussed. Inferior domain naming styles, which you want to avoid, are then discussed. The second half of this book explains how to buy a great domain name. Auctions, expired domains, speculators, and other sources are discussed. Finally, many other topics are expanded on.

Steve Baba has a Ph.D. in Economics and ebusiness experience. The ebook on domain names is available at, for free. No registration is required. The ebook is a PDF file of approximately 250K. The free ebook is advertising supported. The following paragraphs are book excerpts. Generic names, arbitrary dictionary words, coined or made-up words, modified generic names (generic plus) and unrelated two-word names are quality domain naming strategies. But, each quality strategy has strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as a perfect name. Generic names are highly controversial and expensive. Examples of generic names are, and The generic name strategy was always controversial and peaked duringrepparttar 108291 dotcom bubble. The generic naming strategy is virtually never used offline, but a very few small stores do business under generic names such asrepparttar 108292 “Mattress Store” in Annapolis, Maryland. Offline, anyone can userepparttar 108293 same generic name and open a store name “Mattress Store.” Online, ownership ofrepparttar 108294 domain name can only prevent competitors from usingrepparttar 108295 same exact domain name. Since, generic names cannot be trademarked, competitors can use Hotels.NET,,,, (singular),, and so on. Often, there are a half dozen simple generic names for each industry not to mention generic names with a prefix (e, i) or suffix such as Since competitors can use similar generic names, developing a distinct, memorable brand is difficult. Memorability orrepparttar 108296 need to spend less on advertising is often an argument for high domain name prices – but this argument is only half true. Atrepparttar 108297 same time, with only a few first-rate generic names in each industry,repparttar 108298 generic domain names may be unavailable or overpriced, and are rarely bargain-priced. A generic name also hampers brand extension beyondrepparttar 108299 generic category – selling plane tickets? Another quality strategy is unrelated, arbitrary dictionary words. Examples of unrelated dictionary word names include,, Target and Staples. Bothrepparttar 108300 words yahoo and google are inrepparttar 108301 Oxford dictionary, but were rarely used prior to becoming famous brands. Compared to generic names, it was not immediately obvious what business Amazon, Yahoo or Google was in. Onrepparttar 108302 other hand, Yahoo can legally prevent competitors from using similar names such as FreeHoo via trademark laws. would berepparttar 108303 generic name for Google. “Fast” and “All The Web” are used as trademarks by another search engine. But “fast” and “allrepparttar 108304 web” are not unrelated or arbitrary. Other search engines can also claim to be fast, speedy, quick,repparttar 108305 entire web, or something similar.

8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Written by David Cooper

If you're just starting out onrepparttar Internet choosing a domain name is one ofrepparttar 108288 first major decisions you will have to make. I won't say that choosing a name for your site will determinerepparttar 108289 overall success or failure of your online business. It will, however, affect almost every aspect of your business. Finding a good domain name requires extensive planning.

I would like to offer some tips for successfully choosing a domain name:

1) Userepparttar 108290 .COM extension. This is stillrepparttar 108291 number one choice forrepparttar 108292 majority of online businesses. While, .NET, .ORG,.INFO,.BIZ, and .US are viable alternatives they are not as widely recognized as .COM. The .COM extension will immediately give you and your business more credibility. Also, because we are creatures of habit many people automatically include .COM when typing in almost any web address, so why not capitalize on human nature?

2) Keep it Short. Whenever possible your domain name should not be longer than 13-15 characters, numbers, or hyphens. It is much more difficult forrepparttar 108293 average person to remember longer variations of a web address.

3) Make it Sticky. You want your domain name to be easy to remember. Make it stick out in people's minds. Be creative. Be Unique.

4) Minimize Confusion. You should never lose a prospective customer because they misspelled your domain name, or they usedrepparttar 108294 wrong extension. If you can afford it, register other variations of your domain name and have them redirect to your main site.

5) Include Keywords in Your Domain Name. Try to include at least 1 and if possible 2 keywords in your domain name. Many ofrepparttar 108295 experts believe this can help withrepparttar 108296 way some ofrepparttar 108297 search engines index and rank your site.

6) Be Descriptive. Your domain name should have something to do with your business. Make it descriptive of your site, your product offerings, or your service.

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