Free and effective affiliate marketing and website advertising using articles and traffic exchange sites

Written by Christopher Kyalo

Affiliate marketing is an extremely tricky subject and so is website advertising.

The reason is simple. Most of those who have mastered these subjects are keeping their mouths tightly shut. Some are releasing their valuable affiliate marketing secrets it in bits and pieces to try and make some quick cash beforerepparttar methods become completely obsolete. The rest are busy trying to guessrepparttar 138344 secrets behindrepparttar 138345 successful affiliate marketing that easily brings in five figure incomes on a monthly basis for scores of people all overrepparttar 138346 world.

Today is your lucky day because you are about to move a step closer to successful affiliate marketing for whatever affiliate program you are involved with. You are about to read a previously closely guarded secret of affiliate marketing.

I clearly rememberrepparttar 138347 day I discovered this secret rather casually from an article I read online just like you are doing currently. Later I went on to discover other key elements that were critical forrepparttar 138348 success ofrepparttar 138349 whole program. I have packed all those secrets in this single series of two articles.

Here isrepparttar 138350 main secret that will multiplyrepparttar 138351 effectiveness of your articles and ultimately your affiliate marketing.

It is possible to multiplyrepparttar 138352 effectiveness of your articles in promoting your affiliate program by making a single step. And that is creating a blog and posting all your articles there.

Do not worry about getting traffic to your blog, it isrepparttar 138353 easiest thing to do and I will deal with that in part II of this article available at my blog

There are 4 very important advantages you will gain by starting a blog and posting your articles there.

1) Blogs always boost search engine visibility tremendously thus making all your articles much more visible and easier to find and therefore much more effective.

Whatever your opinion about them, blogs are rapidly changingrepparttar 138354 internet. Their popularity is rising byrepparttar 138355 day and most important search engines love them. Not surprising when you consider that they are constantly being updated even if not byrepparttar 138356 owner ofrepparttar 138357 blog, by his visitors. Blogs have literally swept web sites aside. Smart online marketers and many involved in affiliate marketing are using them very effectively for website advertising to drive traffic to their websites.

2) You will be able to track and monitor which articles arerepparttar 138358 most effective in promoting your affiliate program.

Advertising Your Work From Home Internet Business With PPC Search Engines.

Written by Tom Worsley

If you want to make money online with a work from home business then you are going to need lots of good targeted traffic to your web site and or affiliate links. One way to get good targeted traffic is to pay for it. I know you were hoping to do this business of yours without spending a dime right? Well if thatís what you are thinking you better keep working for someone else and forget about working from home with your own internet business.

I have been paying for traffic ever since I started my online business over 4 years ago and one ofrepparttar best sources of targeted traffic is through pay per click search engines (PPC) or pay for placement search alternatives like Google adwords or Yahoo Sponsor Listings, formerly .

Google adwords and Yahoo Sponsor Listings arerepparttar 138265 kings of pay per placement search engines. They are alsorepparttar 138266 most expensive but you will getrepparttar 138267 most targeted traffic from them. If you cannot get a free listing inrepparttar 138268 top 10 on their main search results underrepparttar 138269 sponsored listings then you may want to consider pay per placement. Sponsored listings usually appear atrepparttar 138270 top above regular listings on Yahoo, and downrepparttar 138271 right side ofrepparttar 138272 page at Google.

If Google and Yahoo are too rich for your liking then try some ofrepparttar 138273 smaller PPC search engines like 7Search, Findwhat and or Kanoodle. I have put together a web page with links to these PPC search engines atrepparttar 138274 following web page.


The key to good PPC advertising is to find cheap key words under .50 cents per click that will land you inrepparttar 138275 top 5 positions. There is no need to be number 1. A number 5 placement may cost you a few cents per click less and you will likely getrepparttar 138276 same traffic or in some cases even more than a number 1 spot. Try to pick as many key words as you can that are directly related to your product or service.

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