Free XSL-FO debugger from Altsoft

Written by Victor Vishnyakov

XSL-FO Debugger version 0.9 beta December 16, 2004 Altsoft N.V.

Altsoft team wishes XSL-FO community Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are proud to announce our new freeware product XSL-FO Debugger as a gift for you.

Sometimes it is not so easy to answer many tricky questions that arise when you create a document with complex structure and thousands of objects. Why are these nested blocks not present on where they should be? What happened to that line? Where on earth isrepparttar header? Is it my error or I should send a letter torepparttar 108360 producer of my formatter? XSL-FO Debugger helps you to avoid spending precious time on re-calculating object parameters, re-reading specification and revising your code. It introducesrepparttar 108361 visual representation of all basic document areas, baseline tables and breaks generated byrepparttar 108362 formatter so that you can find irritating shortcomings as fast as possible.

Will E Books ever really catch on?

Written by Birmingham UK Com

Have you ever tried searching for good e books to download and read on your PC? Anyone wanting to explorerepparttar e book world is in for a shock. Its an absolute nightmare. There are so many formats and layouts that will confuse all butrepparttar 108359 most experienced e book user and quite honestly - can we really be bothered with it all?

I spent a good two hours searching throughrepparttar 108360 net on various sites. What did I find? Mostly commercial sites promising free e books only to find they want you to register and then you find out whatrepparttar 108361 catch is. I downloaded several books and there is no uniform means by whichrepparttar 108362 e book industry operates. Formats vary from PDF ( I do particularly dislike PDF with its clunky slow downloads ) to Microsoft Reader and numerous executable programs, all of which require separate software to open and read them.

Why oh why doesn't everyone use one ofrepparttar 108363 programs that will work on any computer and just open. Like a book does. It's not too much to ask is it? Life is frustrating enough without having to make things complicated. My own experience of e books has led me torepparttar 108364 conclusion that untilrepparttar 108365 industry gets its act together and agrees on one format they can keep it.

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