Free Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Program

Written by Clay Mabbitt

After learning ofrepparttar success many online businesses have had increasing their sales with an affiliate program, you decided to follow suit. You hammered out a compensation plan both encouraging to affiliates and profitable to your business. You’ve got tracking software in place. You’ve turnedrepparttar 102471 key inrepparttar 102472 ignition of your marketing machine… and nothing’s happening.

Your army of affiliates can be viewed metaphorically as a tree. Full grown, it will thrive in rain and sunshine. Strong changing winds can shake its branches, butrepparttar 102473 tree will continue to grow. Inrepparttar 102474 early seed stage, however, special care is needed if you want your tree to break throughrepparttar 102475 surface.

You spent a great deal of time, energy, and likely at least a little money creating your affiliate program. You need to attract strong affiliates that can rapidly build your customer base and return your investment. How can you bring these powerful marketing dynamos into your camp, ideally without drawing on your already diminished cash reserves?

1.) Submit to Online Directories The method that will showrepparttar 102476 most immediate increase in new affiliates is listing your program in online affiliate directories. These reference sites arerepparttar 102477 first stop for hungry potential affiliates looking forrepparttar 102478 income opportunity that is going to allow them to quit their 9 to 5 jobs. Many such directories exist, and obviously some will bring you better results than others. Since submitting to almost all of these directories is free, though, get listed on as many as you can. Here are a few links to submission pages to get you started, but by no means should you stop with just these few:

2.) Advertise in Your Own Newsletter Hopefully you’ve been collecting email addresses from your website and sending a regular newsletter to your visitors. (If not, read this article: Your newsletter subscribers are a precious handful of people that have expressed direct interest in keeping abreast ofrepparttar 102479 latest developments with your product/service and company. Give them what they want! You can kick off your affiliate program with an article in your newsletter explainingrepparttar 102480 benefits and encouraging your subscribers to participate. Your future newsletters can contain short blurbs aboutrepparttar 102481 affiliate program and how it’s progressing to inform new subscribers and remind your original readers.

Affiliate Opportunity Scams

Written by Rosalind Gardner

What could be better than an opportunity to make money usingrepparttar power of affiliate marketing, while avoidingrepparttar 102470 hassle of having to build a site or pay to host your domain? Wouldn't it also be wonderful to have someone else dorepparttar 102471 work of sending traffic to your site?

Basically, you just sit back and wait for those huge commission checks to roll in.

Sound too good to be true? Good, because you guessed it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I'm referring to affiliate 'links' opportunity sites that are becoming increasingly popular. 'All' you have to do is promoterepparttar 102472 site.

In these schemes, you are given a free site into which you insert your affiliate link. That link becomesrepparttar 102473 'featured link' on your site. Featured link? Picture a site like Yahoo!, then try to pick out one link as being featured. Can't do it, can you?

Asrepparttar 102474 owner of a fr*ee site, you also earn a paltry commission when you sell one of these sites to someone else. Earning a commission onrepparttar 102475 sale of a product or service from which no one benefits sounds like ML*M to me.

Now here'srepparttar 102476 good part. For a 'small fee'repparttar 102477 company promises to do 'allrepparttar 102478 work' of building masses of traffic to your affiliate site.

Oh wait. Before you can earn commissions from those links, you'll have to JOIN all those programs first. Until then,repparttar 102479 links belong torepparttar 102480 person who gave yourepparttar 102481 fr*ee site, and any sales made from those links will be credited to him, not you.

Considering those sites typically consist of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of links to various affiliate programs, it's starting to look like you're going to have to do some work, doesn't it?

Do you really want to payrepparttar 102482 'small fee' of fifty or sixty dollars a month forrepparttar 102483 privilege of generating commissions for someone else? Instead, you could buy a web site template for twenty bucks that looks a hundred times nicer thanrepparttar 102484 affiliate links site design. Then you pay ten bucks a month to host your own site and join allrepparttar 102485 same affiliate programs.

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