Free Valentine's Day Ecards Launched

Written by Shridhar Baldota - India's No.1 online electronic greeting cards service provider has recently launched Free Valentien's Ecards forrepparttar occasion of ValentIne's Day to be celebrated on 14th of February, 2005.

The true meaning of freeware

Written by Daniel Robson

The vast majority of us will have, at some point, had freeware games or applications installed on our systems. If you’ve played an online Java or Flash based game, you’ve used freeware. In a very real wayrepparttar Internet itself is freeware, a massive collections of scripts, information, tools and resources that are, forrepparttar 105412 most part, totally free. But what is it that motivates so many people to put so much work into a project, and then release it totally free of charge? There are a few misconceptions about freeware that I would like to clear up.

1.) “Freeware programs are loaded with spy ware and Trojan horses” – not true. While it is true that some programs contain these types of malicious software, they are a vanishingly small percentage ofrepparttar 105413 whole. The type of people who release programs like this are identical to spam mailers – criminal and beneath contempt. If you are worried about this then I suggest you only download software from large, well known freeware sites. These almost always check to ensure their programs are free of any malicious code.

2.) “Freeware only works for X amount of days, or is crippled in some way”. Again, not true. Programs that work in this way are classified as Shareware, and are designed so that if you likerepparttar 105414 programs function you can payrepparttar 105415 author for a full version. Freeware is never crippled in any way, and comes with no charge whatsoever – although donations are always appreciated!

3.) “The only reason this is freeware is because no-one in their right mind would pay money for it”. This, unfortunately, is often a valid point. There are some truly abysmal programs out there. And even ifrepparttar 105416 program is a good, helpful little tool, it doesn’t mean you would be prepared to spend £10 on it in a shop. However there are some absolute gems out there, like 7-zip for example. All I can say is, again, look forrepparttar 105417 big directories whererepparttar 105418 submissions are ranked. Look especially forrepparttar 105419 sites where users can leave their own feedback on a product, for example is a superb site for freeware games.

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