Free Traffic Course - Day 9

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

Though each web site is different, it is possible to build a universal plan of actions that will bring you free targeted web site traffic and convert it into more sales.

This plan of actions can be split into three stages: (1) Getting Targeted Traffic (2) Growing The Client Base And Getting More Sales (3) Adjusting Web Site To Current Online Market Requirements

So, let's briefly cover allrepparttar stages.


STEP # 1. Find joint-venture partners and affiliates in your niche.

STEP # 2. Get emails and names of your partners and affiliates-to-be.

STEP # 3. Email them your joint-venture or affiliate offer.

NOTE: These people will make a great job for you - they will bring targeted users to your web site and advertise your offers for their clients or for targeted online audience. Make sure to offer them good conditions of cooperation:repparttar 149945 more motivated they are to work with you,repparttar 149946 better they will work to give you targeted web site traffic or advertise your offers.


STEP # 4. Set up link exchange directory.

Try to exchange links with web sites that have a bigger page rank and are niche related to your web site.

STEP # 5. Use autoresponder to convert web site visitors into prospects and clients.

Free Traffic Course - Day 8

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

If you have any experience of work with your web site, then you know how many changes must be done onrepparttar web site to meet with new demands of Internet market. Sometimes these changes may be tiny, like adding some keywords to your text, but if you are not a programmer, you cannot do it.

Actually this is not true. Even a person without programming knowledge can handle changes onrepparttar 149944 web site. This can be done with a special web site tool - content manager or content management system (CMS).

Before speaking about content management, let's clarify what is content. Content is not only text on your web site:repparttar 149945 links on your web site are content,repparttar 149946 pictures and images are content,repparttar 149947 buttons, meta keywords and descriptions are also content.

Content management system allows to make changes in any type of content on your web site. It is not difficult. If you have ever worked with any text editing program, then you can be sure that you already knowrepparttar 149948 most important steps for managing content on your web site.


1. CMS allows to changerepparttar 149949 style, font size, color ofrepparttar 149950 text; plus it has underlining, bald and italics forrepparttar 149951 text.

2. CMS can adjustrepparttar 149952 text by center, right or left side; createrepparttar 149953 lists with bullets, numbers or tabulation gaps.

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