Free Traffic Course - Day 3

Written by Nickolay Bokhonok

This isrepparttar 3rd day of "Free Traffic Course".

This day will be devoted to a very important strategy of getting free targeted web site traffic - link exchange.

Link exchange is a very powerful technique to riserepparttar 146740 status for your web site. But before starting to speak about link exchange, several words should be said about PR or page rank ofrepparttar 146741 web site.

The term page rank was introduced to wide online audience by Google -repparttar 146742 search engine that enjoysrepparttar 146743 most popularity with web site users. Today this search engine offers 8,058,044,651 web pages for search. Google is used by online visitors worldwide. Let's be fair - today Google isrepparttar 146744 leader among search engines. And catching up withrepparttar 146745 leader is still a dream for other search engines. That is why everything used by Google is of great importance to web site owner - Google gives targeted traffic.

So, page rank is a kind of status that Google gives to all web sites. Page rank "0" meansrepparttar 146746 lowest status, no status at all. "10" isrepparttar 146747 highest mark. It means users really flood your web site. You can pack traffic in Christmas boxes and send them to children :)

Why is page rank critical for getting targeted visitors? When user makes any search in Google,repparttar 146748 search engine "checks" all web sites in its database. The web sites that have bigger page rank forrepparttar 146749 submitted keyword have bigger chances to get torepparttar 146750 very top of found results. Would you like to be among first 10 web sites found for "car insurance", if your web site is specializing in this business? Surely you would. So, page rank is crucial for your web site.


Google algorithm takes many factors into account to give every web site its page rank. One of them is - how many web sites in your niche have links to your web site. Please remember that links should be from your niche - they must be relevant;repparttar 146751 web sites must haverepparttar 146752 same niche keywords in their meta data and descriptions that your web site has.

If this rule is valid, then page rank magic with link exchange starts working for you. Ifrepparttar 146753 web sites (who have links to your web site) have bigger page rank, Google risesrepparttar 146754 page rank for your web site as well. The more links your web site has on other web sites with high page rank in your niche,repparttar 146755 bigger web status you get from Google. The bigger are your chances to get more traffic of targeted users.

This link supporting scheme looks like a cowboy western movie. Picture it: a band has enteredrepparttar 146756 town. They say "Let's do some shooting." You are only one with a gun inrepparttar 146757 hand againstrepparttar 146758 band;repparttar 146759 band has dozens of people - they laugh at you. But then a comes your friend with a rifle and says, "Don't worry. I'll cover your back." And then another friend, then a neighbor, his two sons,repparttar 146760 guys fromrepparttar 146761 farm. You look behind and see - wow, there about 80 people who took their weapons to fight with you. The band looks for a taxi - their business is over.

The same happens with link exchange. Google has no relation to bandits, of course. But when your web site has a link exchange support from other web sites in your niche, Google awards you with high page rank. This is not a very fast process, but indeed it is guaranteed.


What to Look for in an Article Submission Site

Written by Jason Rickard

What to Look for in an Article Submission Site

Ease of Submission

With so many article distribution sites out there, it amazes me that some still require their submitters to jump through so many hoops. When choosing one, you should look forrepparttar process to be as pain free as possible. Asking you to sign in is alright, but once they start requiring you to take surveys, confirm multiple times or give a blood sample its time to go elsewhere. These sites will never survive inrepparttar 146739 current atmosphere, so submitting your article may be a waste of time.

SEO Friendliness

This can be determined in many ways and is important because without SEO benefit, your article may never get pastrepparttar 146740 submission stage. The first thing to look for is if they allow live links. These exist when you submit your web address and people are able to click directly on it. This single feature can haverepparttar 146741 most effect on your rankings so it is crucial. Another aspect to SEO friendliness isrepparttar 146742 way thatrepparttar 146743 article submission sites urls are displayed. Static ones (ie. /category/example.htm) are always preferred to dynamic ones (ie. php?id=798). In most cases this means your article gets found and indexed faster.

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