Free Tips For Your Child's Success

Written by Frank W. Thatcher Jr.

Getting free tips for a child's success is something most parents/guardians are interested in. Most want their child's academic growth to improve every school year. Most sincerely care. Unfortunately some don't, but that's a completely different article. For now, I want to focus on improvingrepparttar reading abilities of our children immediately.

This summer is flying by and soon our children will be back inrepparttar 109463 classroom withrepparttar 109464 eager teachers and their fellow classmates. My concern as an educator, with over twenty years of invaluable experience, isrepparttar 109465 loss of reading and comprehension skills overrepparttar 109466 summer months simply due to lack of reading. Children need to read in order to keep up their skills. They must read on a consistent basis to not only maintain but to also improve their skills. Just as any skill or talent, if it isn't used, it will slowly diminish. Do we really need our children's reading abilities to begin to waste away as they enjoyrepparttar 109467 summer months? I don't think so. Our society can't afford this to happen either.

I frequently compare reading skills to that of a runner's skills. A person that wishes to maintain or improve his or her running ability must run almost on a daily basis. What takes much time and effort to achieve however, can be very quickly lost if that runner takes some time off. Basically, to maintainrepparttar 109468 skills,repparttar 109469 runner needs to run on a consistent basis. This is exactly what we are looking to achieve with our children and their reading skills. We want them to maintain and even improve their skills. This can be accomplished by reading consistently. Perhaps not every day, but consistently.

The Gift of Teaching

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

Parents are trulyrepparttar first teachers that their children encounter. They are there in those very vital formative initial years of life, whenrepparttar 109462 most basic functions and abilities are taught and practiced. Values, behavior, and living skills are inrepparttar 109463 process of forming andrepparttar 109464 child's environment andrepparttar 109465 examples of parents weight so heavily in this very delicate balance of becoming a fully functioning adult.

When a child matures and reachesrepparttar 109466 age of attending school, something magical takes place. Interests expand, social skills are just beginning to blossom, and imagination and creativity are being explored and tested. Whether a child attends a home school or a local school (public or private)repparttar 109467 next vital components in development are being put torepparttar 109468 "max."

Science, math, language, history, and allrepparttar 109469 other subjects that make up a curriculum are vying forrepparttar 109470 attention and abilities ofrepparttar 109471 child. From printing their name forrepparttar 109472 first time to solving a complicated math process all add torepparttar 109473 qualities and essence that will evolve, expand, and let them become a wonderful asset torepparttar 109474 entire world. No longer is it correct to assume that this boy/girl should only fit in comfortably and capably inrepparttar 109475 goegraphical area he/she calls home, but withrepparttar 109476 advance of computers and other technological achievements, this child is most definitely a citizen of every other continent and country, and inrepparttar 109477 future, possibly of other galaxies and planets.

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