Free Stuff: Translation Services

Written by Richard Lowe

One of very cool facts aboutrepparttar internet is that it is truly global in scope. You can send emails to people all overrepparttar 113279 planet, visit newsgroups and find posts in different languages, and you can rest assured that your web site will probably be seen by people of other cultures and nationalities.

It still boggles my mind when I surf to a Russian or Czechoslovakian site. I still feel a thrill when I find pages fromrepparttar 113280 People's Republic of China, Hungary and Vietnam. This is because I grew up duringrepparttar 113281 Cold War era, and clearly remember speeches where Ronald Reagan referred to Russia asrepparttar 113282 evil empire. Yet now we can surf their web sites at will, and people in Russia can look at ours as often as they like.

Personally, I think this isrepparttar 113283 true purpose ofrepparttar 113284 internet, and it's great promise - to help people communicate with one another. By talking (or sending emails or whatever) we can become more in tune with each other's needs, desires, lifestyles, hopes, dreams and other emotions, which in turn allows us all to understand what's going on and why people actrepparttar 113285 way that they do.

Surfingrepparttar 113286 internet I have come to know people in Russia, one ofrepparttar 113287 most powerful countries inrepparttar 113288 world, had to stand in line to get potatoes, something that I eat everyday and take for granted. I have come to tears learning about famines in Africa and felt joy learning of a South African woman's new child. These are experiences that I may never have shared had I not been surfingrepparttar 113289 internet.

However, one ofrepparttar 113290 frustrations of this vast melding of cultures and communications is language. Many of these pages, emails and postings are written in languages which are not known to me. I am sure that virtually everyone has feltrepparttar 113291 same frustration of seeing a wonderful web page and not being able to understand whatrepparttar 113292 author was attempting to communicate.

You will be happy to know that you can use any ofrepparttar 113293 following free translation services to translate text from one language to another.

Free Stuff: Redirection Services

Written by Richard Lowe

Here is a selection of redirection services. What is a redirection service? These allow you to create a "better" domain name (usually a subdomain within a domain name) thanrepparttar one you've got. Thus, you could create "" or "" or something like that.

Why would you want to do this? Perhaps your site is hosted on a free server with a URL such as "". This is very difficult for your visitors to remember so you could use a redirection service to make it easier.

Why do these companies provide free redirection services? Because they want to sell advertising, of course. In return forrepparttar 113278 service, your visitors will be shown an ad in one ofrepparttar 113279 following ways (depending uponrepparttar 113280 service terms and conditions).

- In a pop up window whenrepparttar 113281 page loads

- On a delay page that appears beforerepparttar 113282 user is redirected to your page

- You can choose a position on your page that you would like to placerepparttar 113283 banner

- A 88x31 button somewhere on your page

- A banner on top of your page.

There are some good reasons NOT to use this kind of service, however.

- The names are usually considered "tacky" or unprofessional by many people.

- You must show additional advertisements to userepparttar 113284 services, or pay to removerepparttar 113285 ads. If you are going to pay, why not just get a domain name?

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