Free Resources For Learning To Program In HTML

Written by Dan J. Fry

Free Resources For Learning To Program In HTML by Dan J. Fry, c. 2003-2004, All rights reserved.

If you decide at some point in your life to start an online business, you simply cannot function without a web site. But, how do you go about building your site? Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Staples, and Office Depot, to name a few, have many books to assist you in web programming. These cost both money and time.

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, was first developed by in. It is undoubtedlyrepparttar top web programming language. Online business owners typically find themselves in an awkward position; Either pay someone to build your web site, or take charge and spendrepparttar 116793 time to learn how to program. The latter however, takes not only time but money, something that new online business owners have little of.

Fortunately, due torepparttar 116794 primary function ofrepparttar 116795 internet, there are many who provide free resources by way of their own expertise to assist others.

So, o.k. Dan, what are they?

(1) HTML Goodies ( This resource is listed first for a reason. I think it isrepparttar 116796 best free resource available. It teaches by example, which isrepparttar 116797 best way to learn. All ofrepparttar 116798 basics and then some are covered: tags, tables, fonts, colors, alignment, links, dhtml, backgrounds, images, forms

(2) Dave's Site Interactive Tutorial ( Covers all ofrepparttar 116799 basics plus web site publishing and copyright concerns. Also coversrepparttar 116800 generation of list items quite extensively. The nicest feature isrepparttar 116801 ability to testrepparttar 116802 concepts covered withinrepparttar 116803 site. There is no need to copy and paste to another text editor. Covers a bit of web design as well.


Written by Lynne Schulze

A true commitment is a heart felt promise to yourself, from which you will NOT back down, no matter whatrepparttar circumstances may be!

Many people have good intentions and dreams, but only a few are willing to commit to what is necessary to achieve them. Do a review on your commitment level, ask yourself these questions and be honest withrepparttar 116792 answers.

* How badly do I want to achieve my dreams? * What will achieving my dreams mean to me? * What price am I willing to pay to make this happen? * Do I believe I can?

The ability to achieve your goals and dreams will be determined byrepparttar 116793 level to which YOU are willing to commit. NOTHING is as important as this fact!

There is a huge difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in something you only do it when it is convenient. When you are committed to something you accept NO excuses.

The enemy of commitment is resistance. Anything you wish to achieve that is worthwhile, will meet with resistance. This can takerepparttar 116794 form of, family friends, advisers, self-doubt, self-defeating habits, lack of money, regulations, peer-pressure and many other unforseen difficulties, such as illness etc.

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