Free Pre-Registration of sg-domains at Second Level

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

Free pre-registration of sg-domains at Second Level

Cologne,13 August 2004. ICANN accredited registrar Secura announces today, thatrepparttar company is accepting free pre-registration of sg-domains at second level. (

Singapure isrepparttar 108275 financial centre ofrepparttar 108276 Far East. The registry has decided to introduce sg-domains at second level since 15 September 2004.

Part ofrepparttar 108277 rule that gives priority to register 2nd level names of “.sg” isrepparttar 108278 ownership of an existing 3rd level name ( / / / / The cut off date for 3rd level name to be entitled torepparttar 108279 priority to register 2nd level names is 6 September 2004 before 5 pm. Therefore all 3rd level name had to be registered before this period to enjoyrepparttar 108280 priority in this category.You can influencerepparttar 108281 chance to get a second level sg-domain by registering now a third level domain. (Please note that there are other priority before this category which will be explained in details under item 3.3)


3.1 Duringrepparttar 108282 Sunrise Period all individuals and entities are eligible to apply for any second-level domain name. Applicants will be required to submit a declaration form (form to be published soon) together with supporting documents, if any, indicating their status (i.e. trademark holders, Unregistered well-known trademark Holder, government bodies, existing registrants or new applicants). This form has to be submitted to +49 221 2571213 via fax.

The sunrise period is 1 ½ months forrepparttar 108283 application of second-level domain names underrepparttar 108284 top level domain of .sg. Applications for second-level domain names duringrepparttar 108285 Sunrise Period will not be processed on a first-come-firstserved basis but will be processed subject torepparttar 108286 requirements and procedures set out inrepparttar 108287 following guidelines. 3.2 Where there are two or more applicants forrepparttar 108288 same second-level domain namerepparttar 108289 priority for allocation will be determined atrepparttar 108290 end ofrepparttar 108291 Sunrise Period inrepparttar 108292 following order:

(a) Holders of registered trademarks.Holders of word marks which are registered withrepparttar 108293 Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).

(b)Unregistered Trademarks, which belong to Holders of well known trademark holders

(c) Government Organisations that have a current Registrant Agreement with SGNIC in relation to a current third level domain name registered underrepparttar 108294 ‘’ category and is identical torepparttar 108295 second level domain name that they want to register. For example, inrepparttar 108296 case of holder of,repparttar 108297 second level domain name it wants to register would be

(d) Applicants that have a current Registrant Agreement with SGNIC in relation to a current third level domain name registered underrepparttar 108298 ‘com/org/net/edu/’ categories and is identical torepparttar 108299 second-level domain name that is under application (i.e. existing 3rd level registrants). For example, inrepparttar 108300 case of holder of,repparttar 108301 second-level domain name it wants to register would be The third-level ‘.sg’ domain name with SGNIC must be registered before 5:00pm on 6 Sept 2004. The name applied underrepparttar 108302 2nd level must be exactlyrepparttar 108303 same asrepparttar 108304 one underrepparttar 108305 3rd level andrepparttar 108306 organization name and/or first name, last name (forrepparttar 108307 case of must be an exact match ofrepparttar 108308 one provided byrepparttar 108309 3rd level domain name. In addition,repparttar 108310 domain must be in “Active” status. Submission for domains in “Expired” or “Deleted” status will not be considered for application.

Great succes of ru-domains

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The success of ru-domains The registry of ru-domains reports, thatrepparttar number of domain names registered in Russia's national domain,repparttar 108274 ru-domains, has increased 19.82% inrepparttar 108275 first half of 2004 to 256.356 ru-domains. Ru-Center compares this withrepparttar 108276 growth of 2003, which was 16.02% forrepparttar 108277 first half of 2003. The increase among ru-domains in Russia is coincident withrepparttar 108278 rising numbers of Russian Internet users. Ru-Center explains, thatrepparttar 108279 weekly users numbered 5.9 million June 2004 , 1.4 million more than one year earlier. The number of Russian Internet users is expanding 30% a year.

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