Free Or Not Free, It's Your Choice

Written by Randy Justason

The internet is one ofrepparttar world's top sources of information, products and just about anything else you could possibly want. And, if you have spent any amount of time online, you must have noticed that much of it is free.

Many home business entrepreneurs get their start online using some of these free resources. In fact, some of them use freebees almost exclusively.

So, just what are these valuable assets that attract so many home business newbies? Here are just a few:

1. Email - one can get free email accounts just about anywhere (MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google GMail, Lycos) plus tons of others. Actually, free email accounts can be very useful, but that's another article.

2. Autoresponders - there are many free autoresponders (getresponse, and freeautobot, just to name a few). Some are better than others but they are a useful tool.

3. EBooks - You can get free ebooks just about anywhere. These can prove very valuable as giveaways to get people to do some sort of action, like join your mailing list.

4. Web Space - Free web space abounds throughoutrepparttar 134346 internet. Most likely,repparttar 134347 ISP you signed up with offers web space for free for you to put up your own personal web site. You can also get free space at places like Yahoo Geocities, Tripod, Bravenet, plus tons of others.

Andrepparttar 134348 list goes on. However, today I would like to talk about Web Space. Free Or Not Free, It's Your Choice.

Many home business entrepreneurs, when first starting out, want to keep expenses to a minimum (I did this myself). Therefore, just after we join one or two affiliate programs and find out that we can't getrepparttar 134349 affiliate web page intorepparttar 134350 search engines (because there are probably 5 million affiliates with exactlyrepparttar 134351 same page) we want to build our own site.

Having your own web site is probably one ofrepparttar 134352 most important steps you can take to get your home business off to a fast start. Takingrepparttar 134353 time to find a good web host should be equally as important.

Read that last line again.

Why do I say that? Just think about this.

You have just spentrepparttar 134354 past two months learning html or how to use a program like FontPage to build your web site. You've been writing your web pages, putting in images and links to your affiliate web page and maybe even have made a few forms to get people to sign up for your own newsletter.

A Note on Free Web Hosting

Written by J. Ratliff

There are literally thousands of places to get Free web hosting. Maybe you already have one. Are you happy with it? Do you wish you could do away withrepparttar advertising you must put up with?

There a number of reasons why you should not use free web hosting. If you only have a personal website for friends or family, than a free website is fine. However, if you are trying to sell a product or attract people to your website, it is a bad idea. Here is why.

1. Free Websites have no guarantee. They may be here today gone tomorrow.

2. Free websites usually put ads on their website, making your website look like an advertising medium for who knows what product.

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