Free Opportunity in Mortgage Acceleration Industry

Written by Consumer Mortgage

One ofrepparttar largest untapped industries inrepparttar 117016 small business sector isrepparttar 117017 Biweekly Mortgage Accelerations market. With, over 52 million mortgages active today inrepparttar 117018 United States, and only about 2% of these mortgage holders aware that they can prepay their mortgage for a substantial savings,repparttar 117019 market is poised for growth. Biweekly Mortgage Acceleration is a form of prepaying a home mortgage, without changingrepparttar 117020 terms or conditions ofrepparttar 117021 mortgage. It simply changesrepparttar 117022 wayrepparttar 117023 mortgage owner pays it, andrepparttar 117024 way in which payments are applied torepparttar 117025 lender. Instead of sending monthly checks forrepparttar 117026 full amount, half ofrepparttar 117027 regular monthly payment is debited fromrepparttar 117028 clients checking or savings account every other week. By paying this way, an extra one half payment is applied torepparttar 117029 mortgage every six months. This allows equity to be created almost 300% faster than conventional payment methods, and reducesrepparttar 117030 length ofrepparttar 117031 mortgage 7 to 10 years. And, finally it savesrepparttar 117032 mortgage holder up to $70,000 onrepparttar 117033 interest paid torepparttar 117034 lender, although this program is endorsed by newspapers, magazines, andrepparttar 117035 U.S. Government, few homeowners are aware these types of programs exist. The most common obstacle facing entrepreneurs thinking about getting intorepparttar 117036 mortgage acceleration industry isrepparttar 117037 cost of these programs, which can range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. But, a company called Consumer Mortgage Reduction Service is offering entrepreneurs a chance to get involved in this industry for free. As a Mortgage Accelerations Representative,repparttar 117038 income potential is phenomenal, more than other types of ventures and it can be started from home on a shoestring budget.

List Building vs. Search Engine Optimization: Which One Really Works Better?

Written by Robert Gwuzd

List Building vs. Search Engine Optimization: Which One Really Works Better? by Robert Gwuzd © 2004

It seemsrepparttar excitement about search engine optimization fades in and out from time to time. The more people talk about search engine optimization (SEO)repparttar 117015 more it seems to berepparttar 117016 logical choice for bringing customers to your site. However, there are some points that I haven’t seen anyone else make as of yet aboutrepparttar 117017 effectiveness of SEO versusrepparttar 117018 effectiveness of building a responsive list. I think you’ll be surprised to see which one comes out on top.

Rules and Regulations

There are rules and regulations for almost everything in life. List building and SEO are no different.

Rules for SEO: Your HTML coding has to be just so in order to rank highly onrepparttar 117019 engines. Your copy (text) also needs to include specific keywords a certain number of times in specific places or you might not be accepted. And if you are accepted, unless you follow allrepparttar 117020 “dos” and “don’ts” of SEO, you’ll likely not seerepparttar 117021 top 10… or evenrepparttar 117022 top 50.

Rules for List Building: Offer a good product or service; notify your list about it, and watchrepparttar 117023 sales come in.

The Only Constant Is Change

If you do get accepted inrepparttar 117024 search engines, you might be tempted to rest easy. Don’t! As we’ve seen in recent months, search engines can change their policies and ranking orders atrepparttar 117025 flip of a switch. If you depend on search engines for all your traffic, such a change could leave you completely out of business. Not good!

Lists onrepparttar 117026 other hand are built from loyalty… not rules and regulations. The people who subscribe to your list, ezine, or newsletter are there because they want to be. They’ve come to you because you offer them something of quality… something unique.

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