Free Online SEO Tools

Written by Arif Hanid

For anyone wanting to do a bit of their own Search Engine Optimisation, there is an abundance of free online SEO tools available onrepparttar internet. Most of them provide some pretty impressive statistics and information to help you optimise your website, analyse search engine positions, research your competitors, plus much more!

There are two ways these free online SEO tools can be used: (1)For those who are new torepparttar 127940 area of search engine optimisation, these tools provide excellent insight on how a website is performing and ranking. They can quickly highlight issues and trends with their current website and provide a good insight as to where optimisation work is necessary. (2)Forrepparttar 127941 more experienced search engine optimisers amongst us, these tools will act as a complement torepparttar 127942 more specialised SEO tools, like WebPosition Gold or SpyderOpts. They can even be used to supplement an SEOís internal knowledge base and experience.

Here is a selection of some choice tools for bothrepparttar 127943 novice andrepparttar 127944 experienced search engine optimisers:

Keyword Research Tool This helps to research appropriate words and phrases to include in your webpage's body text to aid promotion. Itís simple and to use and requiresrepparttar 127945 user to enterrepparttar 127946 sort of word of phrase you wish to be found under,repparttar 127947 tool will then suggest some additional words and phrases you can think about using. One ofrepparttar 127948 great things about this tool is that it gives yourepparttar 127949 option to select from a range of top search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Teoma, etc.

Keyword Analyser Tool This tool readsrepparttar 127950 body ofrepparttar 127951 page you specify and gives a report on what words are used, and how many times they are used. This is a valuable tool as most engines will rank your site depending on your keyword density (which typically ranges between 3% and 9%).

Search Engine Position Checker Tool This tool checks whether your website appears inrepparttar 127952 first fifty results in major search engines for your chosen keyword or phrase. Ifrepparttar 127953 URL is present, it will output what position it occupies. As an additional feature,repparttar 127954 tool also informs you if any other URLs from your domain appear inrepparttar 127955 search results.

SEO Tips for People Who Arenít Dummies!

Written by Philip Lim


Inrepparttar world of marketing online, one topic comes up over and over with great frequency: site rankings. It can sometimes seem to be repparttar 127939 'holy grail' inrepparttar 127940 highly competitive world of online marketing, where search engines rule supreme. The reality is that unless you have deep pockets indeed, SEO optimization inrepparttar 127941 long run will be more affordable than simply buying placement with click campaigns and advertisements.

This isrepparttar 127942 good news. The bad news is thatrepparttar 127943 process is slow, and it can take months (and months and months) of dedicated effort to achieve decent rankings (one reason you donít want to abandon those paid campaigns while optimizing your site). But it is well worthrepparttar 127944 time and effort inrepparttar 127945 long run, since it addressesrepparttar 127946 one issue that is foremost when marketing your product and services online: people use search engines such as Google and MSN to do their looking. And search engine listings that are highly ranked consistently outperform 'paid listings'.

So how do you get your site listed and ranked highly? Does it take dedicating your life fulltime to this effort, or specialized knowledge? The answer is "yes" and "no". It can help tremendously to hirerepparttar 127947 assistance of a firm that specializes in SEO (and, in fact, this is highly recommended). They can give you professional guidance in this arena, and steer you away from common mistakes.

But for those with a limited budget (which is most of us, nowadays, it seems) itís also possible to do your own site optimization, and work on a long-term campaign to help your site rise. It isnít easy (unlike those ads and books online that promise overnight success with no effort), but by rolling up your shirtsleeves and diving in, you can learn a tremendous amount, and help your site get found when people type in your products into a search engine.


Search engine keywords are what lead people (as in potential customers) who type in phrases in their favorite search engine to your site. When they go onto Google, Excite, or other search engines and directories, and are looking for a specific item, keywords are repparttar 127948 ones that they type in during their search.

To market effectively to them, you will need to think like them (this isrepparttar 127949 basis of all excellent marketing). You will want to determine:

What phrases people type in when looking for your product, service, or content during their online searches (includingrepparttar 127950 most common

misspellings, byrepparttar 127951 way). Not sure? Try looking at your web stats for your site. You should see an extremely valuable area called "search strings", with a list of words underneath it.

These search strings arerepparttar 127952 phrases that actually brought people to your web site. Which ones wererepparttar 127953 most popular? Youíll want to note these. But youíll want to add more.

Sit down for a minute, and think of every possible phrase people might use for searching for your product. At this point, donít edit yourself, just letrepparttar 127954 words flow and write them down. If you sell used Chevrolets in Alexandria, VA, you might come up with "used cars, used Chevrolets, vintage cars, reconditioned cars, Chevrolet dealers, Alexandria VA car dealers, Alexandria VA used cars", as just a start.

By now, you should have a list. Go through it again, and decide which ones seemrepparttar 127955 most focused for your product or service. You want search engine keywords that will bring targeted customers to your site, who are interested in doing business with you, andrepparttar 127956 right keywords can help accomplish this. Be specific and relevant in your choices. Then, alphabetize your list, since some search engines and directories list pages alphabetically; so use your best phrases in alphabetical order whenever possible for better optimization.

Next, analyze which keyword phrases are realistic for obtaining high rankings. While you may sell used autos, and want to get top rankings for that term, Ďused autosí is an extremely popular and general phrase, and odds are, difficult to get good rankings for. But if you sell used Chevrolets in Alexandria, Virginia, then itís realistic to hope for high rankings for search engine phrases for ĎAlexandria used Chevroletsí. Youíll also get a more targeted audience (think Ďmore likely to buy from meí), since most of your customers will probably come from your locale).

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