Free Non Disclosure Form (NDA Form)

Written by Jefferson Highway, General Counsel

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs, also known as 'Confidentiality Agreements') are an essential part of modern business. If you have a trade secret, an invention or a 'good idea', it can be worrying revealingrepparttar details to a third party because you never know if your idea may be stolen. For this reason, NDA forms are common. The problem is, most of them are long winded, running to 10 pages or more, and they very length of them makes it difficult sometimes to get your target to sign inrepparttar 135809 first place.

For this reason, we here at have come up with this 'short form' NDA form you can use. It is short, unambiguous, and covers both parties, so you should find much less resistance when trying to get it signed. As always, recommend consulting your own lawyer in any legal matter.

----------------------- Non Disclosure Agreement -----------------------


A) COMPANY (or person) A (E.g.

B) COMPANY (or person) B (E.g. Jefferson Highway Esq)


The parties possess valuable information, technical knowledge, experience and data of a secret and confidential nature relating torepparttar 135810 field, all of which are regarded by them as commercial assets of considerable value; and The parties are willing to disclose such information to each other onrepparttar 135811 condition thatrepparttar 135812 recipient ofrepparttar 135813 information does not discloserepparttar 135814 same to any third party nor make use thereof in any manner except as set out below.

In consideration of such disclosure to each other, it is agreed by and betweenrepparttar 135815 parties hereto as follows;

1.The receiving party undertakes to treat as strictly confidential and not to divulge to any third party any ofrepparttar 135816 information disclosed byrepparttar 135817 other and not to make use of any such information withoutrepparttar 135818 disclosing party's prior written consent.

2.Inrepparttar 135819 event of one party visiting any ofrepparttar 135820 Establishments ofrepparttar 135821 other party,repparttar 135822 visiting party undertakes that any information relating torepparttar 135823 field which may come to its knowledge as a result of any such visit, inclusive ofrepparttar 135824 form, materials and design of various elements of any relevant plant and equipment which may be seen at such Establishments as well as allrepparttar 135825 plant as a whole,repparttar 135826 methods of operation thereof andrepparttar 135827 various applications thereof, shall be kept strictly confidential and that any such information will not be divulged to any third party and will not be made use of in any way byrepparttar 135828 visiting party withoutrepparttar 135829 other party's prior written consent.

Class-action lawsuits Can they help you?

Written by Charles Essmeier

The recent withdrawals ofrepparttar prescription medications Vioxx and Bextra fromrepparttar 135544 marketplace due to safety concerns has class-action lawsuits inrepparttar 135545 news again. What is a class-action lawsuit? If you have been wronged, can a class-action lawsuit help you?

A class-action lawsuit is one in which a single law firm or attorney represents a group of individuals who have been wronged in some common way. The wrong may have come inrepparttar 135546 form of physical harm from a commercial product or perhaps inrepparttar 135547 form of financial harm done by a company misleadingrepparttar 135548 public in some way. Inrepparttar 135549 early 1990s, class-action lawsuits were filed on behalf of women allegedly harmed by silicone breast implants, and now attorneys are filing class-action suits on behalf of people allegedly harmed throughrepparttar 135550 use of Vioxx and Bextra.

There are advantages and disadvantages to class-action suits. The primary advantage is that they allow a group of people, perhaps numbering inrepparttar 135551 thousands, an opportunity to have their case heard in court without each of them having to file a separate lawsuit. If thousands, or even tens of thousands, of people filed individual lawsuits againstrepparttar 135552 same company forrepparttar 135553 same reason,repparttar 135554 courts, both atrepparttar 135555 Federal and state levels, could become hopelessly clogged with nearly identical cases. Another advantage is that it allows people who may not have individually suffered enough harm to justify a lawsuit by themselves to seek compensation

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