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Free Website Submission Services

Written by Aaron Wilmot

Once you have built and uploaded your home business websiterepparttar next step is to start promoting it both offline and online. Offline methods include putting your web address on your business cards, stationary, brochures, flyers, pamplets, home sign, automobile or whatever literature you can. Online methods generally start with submitting your home business website to search engines and directories.

For those of you who either have a website now or are planning to have one inrepparttar 113256 future, you will obviously want your website to be found in these search engines and directories.

You will therefore have to at some point decide whether you want to submit your site to each individual engine and directory manually, pay a submission service to do it for you, buy site submission software, or use one ofrepparttar 113257 free submission services onrepparttar 113258 internet.

Submitting to each individual search engine and directory manually is quite easy to do but can be somewhat time consuming. To do this, you simply visit each site individually and look forrepparttar 113259 "Add URL" or "add a website" link which is usually located atrepparttar 113260 very top or bottom of each site. Then just clickrepparttar 113261 button and add your URL. In some cases you will have to add a title, description and possibly other information. Forrepparttar 113262 directories such as Yahoo and Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ, you will be required to visitrepparttar 113263 relevant category first. Be careful to chooserepparttar 113264 right category. If you pay a submission service to do this for you they can save you a lot of time and will usually do a slightly better job withrepparttar 113265 keywords and descriptions based on their know-how. If you choose to do it yourself, a good place to start is directoryguide dot com and searchenginecolossus dot com.

Another method is to buy software such as Submit Wolf. If you are only promoting a single site, I do not

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