Free Internet Marketing? Part II

Written by Dave Ryan

Inrepparttar last article we went over using some free viral marketing sources such as Traffic Swarm and Free Viral to get 1000's of hits a day of targeted traffic. In this article I will discuss some other sources of viral marketing and also provide some powerful proven methods for seeding your down line. 

A lot of people afterrepparttar 146730 last article contacted me asking if there was any other of these free programs online and how to go about seeding their down lines fast enough to make them effective. It became clear to me that a lot of people just aren't to sure about how to even go about driving a strong marketing campaign for free, so pay attention torepparttar 146731 details of seeding your down line here as they arerepparttar 146732 most effective method of generating large amounts of targeted traffic.

First off some ofrepparttar 146733 other free resources of traffic onrepparttar 146734 internet are Free Hits Forever and Crazy Traffic. Free Hits Forever is a incredibly strong program that not only allows you to get free viral traffic but it also allows you to earn a little extra cash while doing so. Also I find that their banner that you can use on your site gets more clicks than any other banner/ad Iv ever used (for internet marketers anyway). Crazy Traffic while not as good asrepparttar 146735 other 3 programs still works good. It may not give yourepparttar 146736 ad placement likerepparttar 146737 other ones that anyone will see but it will require that allrepparttar 146738 people in your down line visit your site. This may not seem like a lot until after your seeded and then BAM you get hit with a ton of traffic. 

Article Writing: 5 Tips on How to Pull and Hold the Reader

Written by Dina Giolitto

Okay, so you're getting a feel for this article marketing thing. Cool. Now you must write articles that will engage your reader and hold their attention allrepparttar way through, as opposed to "click and flee." Have you ever clicked and fled? This is what happens when your eyes are weary ofrepparttar 145908 internet information overload. You click on an article that's so copy-heavy, it makes your brain groan fromrepparttar 145909 pain. You do not want this to happen to someone who is reading YOUR stuff, so don't barrage them with words. Here are 5 tips to help you create articles that are super-tight and outta sight!

1. Keep it short. The article websites say to keep your articles under 800 words, but I know from my own writing experience that's difficult when an article concept is blowing around in your head. I'll save yourepparttar 145910 guilt and say that 500-1,000 words is okay. Just remember: if you start rambling, your reader won't stay with you very long. So keep it short and torepparttar 145911 point!

2. Pace and balance. Some people who write short articles start with a slow and intriguing buildup, but then cutrepparttar 145912 reader off atrepparttar 145913 end. This may keeprepparttar 145914 number of words down, butrepparttar 145915 sudden anti-climactic ending makes for lousy reading. Don't leave your reader high and dry! Write a quick summary of each paragraph, then develop each one with three or four supporting sentences. Close with a motivating call to action.

3. Break it up. An article that's broken up into sections is so much easier onrepparttar 145916 eyes than one with long paragraphs of copy. For this reason,repparttar 145917 How-To, "7 Tips" and Q&A are immensely popular. Use subheadlines in Bold type to help guide their eyes downrepparttar 145918 page. If you can offer your content-hungry article prospects some great, well-paced copy that will look fantastic on their specialty niche website, you can be sure your articles will get great exposure.

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