Free Internet Marketing?

Written by Dave Ryan

The game of internet marketing can be a tricky one that can hold back many affiliates and webmasters from becoming successful. Jumping into an Ad-words campaign could cost you a lot of money for no results if you are like many. One ofrepparttar best ways to get FREE targeted traffic rolling though your site is with viral marketing. You can get 1000's of niche targeted traffic coming to your site without spending a dime.

With viral marketingrepparttar 146264 only people that see your site will be people who are from related pages and click your link. This means that they are definitely interested in your product/service. Having people who you know are already interested in your page get shown your ad is by farrepparttar 146265 best way to get more traffic from each ad. The main part of viral marketing that gets your traffic really going isrepparttar 146266 fact that any marketers who sign up below you will show ads to your site generally. Since you know they are interested in your product/service (they came to your site) they will most likely be running a related business. So your ad on their page is more likely to get someone to click than if on a unrelated page. Then people who sign up below them will show your ad, and they will also be related pages. This will go on down for five tiers generally. So your ads could be on MILLIONS of related sites byrepparttar 146267 time you are seeded.

My Story of Lifetime "Unpaid" Commissions

Written by Mark Tse

Yesterday I found a site that I have been an affiliate for a long period suddenly disappeared. This site let me make about $100 commissions every month. Not much but because I only used automatic methods like article marketing to promote it, thus it was a nice residual income. And sincerepparttar site made sales, I have absolutely no idea whyrepparttar 145921 site and its owner disappeared fromrepparttar 145922 net.

If you have been in internet marketing industry for a period, you should knowrepparttar 145923 situation in my story is very common. Sites and their owners disappeared everyday. As an affiliate, ifrepparttar 145924 site you are promoting suddenly goes away, what leaves to you will just be lifetime unpaid commissions...

So do you want to protect yourself from this situation? Here are 2 suggestions that I want to share with you:

Select Affiliate Program Carefully

Isrepparttar 145925 site exist for more than 1 year? Do you knowrepparttar 145926 site owner? Heard any good things aboutrepparttar 145927 site? Wasrepparttar 145928 site owner written good articles? If you answer YES to any of these questions, thenrepparttar 145929 site you are going to promote will have greater chance to keep doing business on internet.

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