Free Instant Auction Traffic

Written by Jason James

Here's an easy way to get extra traffic to your eBay auctions...

...and we all know,repparttar more traffic,repparttar 144786 more bids and ultimately,repparttar 144787 more sales you'll get!

First...answer this question:

"Do you look at other people's feedback ratings?"

You probably answered yes...

So here's my idea -

"Whenever you leave feedback, put your website URL inrepparttar 144788 feedback Comment"

If you don't have a website, no problem, see below for details.

I have only seen this done once! - me.

It's so easy and EVERYONE looks at feedback ratings before they bid.

So,repparttar 144789 idea would be to try and leave feedback for users that get a lot of traffic...

How? - check out ebay pulse and look at some ofrepparttar 144790 highest watched items and try bidding on one of them.

After, you bid and win, leave your feedback with your website URL in your feedback comment.

For example,

**** - Excellent communication and great eBayer, Highly recommended

You can see howrepparttar 144791 domain will *jump-out* atrepparttar 144792 reader.

Also, when you leave feedback for your auction sales, dorepparttar 144793 same.

Now.., if you don't have a website, here's a quick trick on how to direct that traffic to your about me page.

Simply create a free account at and purchase a domain name, i.e. only charges $8.88 per year for your domain name!

...then, in your account, you can set your new domain to redirect to your eBay about me's how:

Advertising Business Opportunity Reaches New Levels

Written by Randy Wilson

An Advertising business opportunity onrepparttar Internet is just exploding with possibilities. This is one ofrepparttar 144785 most profitable endeavors available inrepparttar 144786 field of Internet advertising. If you have advertising experience and know evenrepparttar 144787 basics of Internet, you have potential to start your own advertising business onrepparttar 144788 Internet.

There are many areas ofrepparttar 144789 Internet that need to be learned before starting your advertising business opportunity. Multi level marketing, or MLM, is one way of generating advertising and sales atrepparttar 144790 same time. MLM is a system that allows someone to collect commissions on their own sales as well as on people they recruit under them. This used to be known as pyramid schemes.

MLM has become very popular with product sales, helpingrepparttar 144791 organization build wealth by paying commissions on multiple levels. The concept from an advertising point of view is great,repparttar 144792 more motivation you have to recruit people to sell your product,repparttar 144793 more your product is out there onrepparttar 144794 market. Some examples of companies that use MLM are nutritional product lines, make up product lines, and home decoration lines.

Multi level marketing has been around for years and not likely to go away anytime soon. Focus needs to be clear however on whatrepparttar 144795 drive is forrepparttar 144796 company. If your focus is only on recruiting people to recruit more people, then your product sales are going to suffer. When your product sales suffer, your business as a whole suffers and then no one wants to be a part ofrepparttar 144797 industry. Keep your focus when dealing with MLM with your advertising business opportunity.

Ezines are another emerging way to get a product or service out torepparttar 144798 public. Ezines, or electronic magazines, are usually specialized to a certain areas of interest. This is very much like conventional magazines. However, advertising in ezines is low-cost and even occasionally free. Another advertising business opportunity that is wide open.

Ezines in themselves will need advertising to get their word out. A perfectly written ezine does no one any good if no one knows that it is out there to be seen. Finding an audience for your ezine may be easier than you think. Make sure when going into ezines that you know your material and thatrepparttar 144799 writing is concise and accurate.

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