Free Hosting - A Real Bargain?

Written by Francisco Aloy

Withrepparttar availability of many free hosting offers so prevalent onrepparttar 134359 Internet, are theyrepparttar 134360 bargain they seem to be?

I must admitrepparttar 134361 offer of free hosting does have major appeal however, rarely is something of value given away for nothing. At first glance, free hosting sounds like a good deal! Upon closer inspection, you'll find close to 100% of them not suitable for a business website at all.

Before getting one ofrepparttar 134362 free hosting packages,repparttar 134363 person needs to have a specific idea whatrepparttar 134364 website is going to be used for. Is it personal or for business?

If it's a personal website that's going to be used to postrepparttar 134365 family newsletter, photographs and so on, it's a perfectly good use of one. Onrepparttar 134366 other hand, if it's a website built for commercial purposes,repparttar 134367 free hosting packages are of limited utility to a business operation.

Most ofrepparttar 134368 well documented opposition to free websites invariably mentionsrepparttar 134369 use of very long URL's as one of repparttar 134370 main examples but there are more fundamental reasons you shouldn't ever use a free website as your main business website.

Most business websites will need advanced mail handling and script hosting capabilities not offered byrepparttar 134371 free web hosting accounts. As your business grows and you realizerepparttar 134372 need forrepparttar 134373 above, your step ontorepparttar 134374 next business level is severely hampered.

These are services most Internet businesses need that are not provided by free hosting packages:

CGI Scripting PHP Scripting Autoresponders MySQL Databases

On account ofrepparttar 134375 lack of scripting support you'll find many ofrepparttar 134376 tools of eCommerce will not function on your free website, such as: shopping cart software and order tracking, javascripts, to name a few.

Web Hosting in 2005 --- Finding the Niche and Cashing in!

Written by Evan Ernst

Web Hosting in 2005 --- Findingrepparttar Niche and Cashing in! Over this past year, web hosting has grown to berepparttar 134358 biggest it has ever been. With more companies appearing every day,repparttar 134359 demand for web hosting has never been higher.

In 2005, web hosting will be even bigger.

It has been estimated that 38 million people will put their very first websites online in this next year. And, by 2008,repparttar 134360 internet sales industry will toprepparttar 134361 120 billion dollar mark.

What does this mean for you?

Findingrepparttar 134362 right web host for your application will be easier. Quality web hosting companies will separate themselves fromrepparttar 134363 rest ofrepparttar 134364 industry, and unprofessional web hosting companies will suffer. Support will becomerepparttar 134365 number one factor for people when choosing a web host. Traditional advertising will become less and less effective, as most people will choose a web host based on colleague’s recommendations.

This is going to create a great opportunity for web hosting affiliates, and resellers. By simply referring people to hosting services, many people will be able to make full time income. They are doing it right now.

Think about it. Everyone who wants a web site needs a web hosting company to host it for them. Currently, there is no definitive hosting industry leader, and most people choose hosts based on recommendations.

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