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To Blog or Not to Blog...

Written by Terry Dashner

“To Blog or not to Blog…”

Terry Dashner………………………….Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

It’s entitled, Blog {Understanding The Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World} (Nelson Books 2005). His name is Hugh Hewitt, and he’s written something worth reading, especially if you’re interested in impact. Allow me to continue.

Listen to this: “Since was launched in early 2002, more than ten million people have visited his site (seven million just sincerepparttar beginning of 2004). ‘Why does this visitor traffic matter?’ asks Hewitt. ‘People’s attentions are up for grabs. If you depend uponrepparttar 105692 steady trust of others, suddenly you have an audience waiting to hear from you.’ The race is underway, though, to gain mindspace and to be part of readers’ habits. If your organization has not established itself in blogosphere, now isrepparttar 105693 time to move ahead, but quickly!”

I agree. God has provided a powerful weapon in our arsenal of faith. Disseminating words is powerful. And whenrepparttar 105694 words disseminated are wise and informative, they become a mighty gun againstrepparttar 105695 forces of ignorance, prejudice, foolishness, stupidity, immaturity… (Pardon me. I got carried away). Many of you have heard me preach. Some of you have heard me say thatrepparttar 105696 most powerful medium to changerepparttar 105697 hearts of men has been, and will always be—the written and disseminated word. Why do I say that? Because it is true, and I like speaking truth. I sleep better at night, having spoken truth throughoutrepparttar 105698 daytime.

The church has gotten it wrong. It isn’trepparttar 105699 western televangelist that’s going to winrepparttar 105700 Muslim to Jesus Christ. A testimony of a Muslim turning to Jesus, written down on a leaflet or pamphlet and disseminate widely will. Don’t get me wrong. There are some good TV evangelists who love God and do a good work forrepparttar 105701 church; however,repparttar 105702 medium of television is too expensive, too impractical to winrepparttar 105703 world for Jesus. Missionaries onrepparttar 105704 ground and armed with videos, pamphlets, and medicine will dorepparttar 105705 “greater works.” (I know I’m opinionated; but at 50 I’ve earnedrepparttar 105706 right. If it’s too much for you, userepparttar 105707 delete key that God gave your computer.)

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