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Wacky Test Marketing: Part 3

Written by Jim Green

Once again I used my wacky test marketing strategy to announce a new project and once again it worked - but on this occasion I had another motive about which I will tell you more in a moment.

Downloads and confirmed sales are lower than last time around but this does not dismay me because I am addressing a looser, less well defined niche.

What did please me though was confirmation that my reasoning for engaging in a second wacky test marketing run was justified.

You see both of these projects have an inherent element of website optimization about them; a strategy I have been working on for some considerable time; a strategy I have put torepparttar test in small ways but never tried out before in full measure.

I wasn’t so much concerned with consumer reaction torepparttar 145944 second project as I was withrepparttar 145945 reaction ofrepparttar 145946 search engine spiders torepparttar 145947 optimization of my website.

Here is how matters have panned out so far with regard to major SE positioning.

More importantly both sets of results were obtained within hours of submittingrepparttar 145948 URLs.


Yahoo!No.2 out of 4,500,000 competitive pages AltaVista No.2 out of 4,460,000 competitive pages All The WebNo.2 out of 4,040,000 competitive pages MSNNo.1 out of 0,786,970 competitive pages

As apposed to…


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