Free Domains - getting one

Written by Domains Expert

Free stuff sites make up a very decent percentage of all sites onrepparttar internet. You can get anything from free screensavers to free software to free iPods to free vacations onrepparttar 105221 internet. Obviously other than a very few select products none of them are 'truly' free. They are not even a 'shareware kind' of product. Most of these schemes will expect a certain action to be performed to claimrepparttar 105222 'free stuff'.

Normally, signing up to an offer from an advertiser, referring friends to a site or service or buying a related product all are examples ofrepparttar 105223 'actions' expected. For example,repparttar 105224 free iPod offer that took overrepparttar 105225 internet by craze works onrepparttar 105226 premise that each person will refer 5 of their friends torepparttar 105227 scheme as well as sign up to a few sponsor offers himself.

What is surprising is that out of all these offers, there are very few that are webmaster-centric. You hardly find offers for free domains, free webhosting or free traffic when you sign up for an offer. This is probably becauserepparttar 105228 cost of these services or products are too low to warrant much interest. It can also be that webmasters prefer more direct forms of rewards like cash.

It is not that there are absolutely no free domain offers onrepparttar 105229 net. There are a few but their 'action' expected is either to buy hosting or to sign up and post at forums. The first scenario is a little scary because most web hosting companies will registerrepparttar 105230 'free' domain in their own name. So if want to changerepparttar 105231 web host, you loserepparttar 105232 domain name and with it allrepparttar 105233 hard work you put in to developrepparttar 105234 brand image. That leavesrepparttar 105235 posting at forums option. Well, if you asked me to post, say 50 messages and all of reasonable length (atleast 10 - 15 words), it will take me a month. This assumes that I also have something better to do! I cannot wait that long for a domain even if it is free.

10 Commandments of Domain Name Value

Written by Jason Odom

Domain Name 10 Commandments - BEFORE you choose or buy a domain name; understandrepparttar ten issues involved in choosingrepparttar 105218 right domain namerepparttar 105219 first time. First,repparttar 105220 list that we work from when conducting a custom Domain Name Analysis (DNA). Thenrepparttar 105221 explanations of each commandment follow.

TEN COMMANDMENTS OF INTERNET DOMAIN NAME VALUE 1 - The name shall have Development Value 2 - The name shall have .Dot value 3 - The name shall have Brand Recognition 4 - The name shall be Search Engine Friendly 5 - The name shall be Linguistically Viable 6 - The name shall have Traffic or Revenue 7 - The name shall have Industry Strength 8 - The name shall have Sales Value History 9 - The name shall have Intrinsic Value 10 - The name shall have Market Potential

1 - Development Value A names base line value is based onrepparttar 105222 ability to use it. One ofrepparttar 105223 primary issues we address in our DNA (Domain Name Analysis) is - Can this name be built into an instantly recognizable site whose name becomes synonymous with its content? 2 - .Dot Value's are, and probably always will be, more valuable than any other .dot designation. Even's, and's are by their very nature worth less onrepparttar 105224 open market. There are many reasons for this. One reason involves search engine rankings. Other issues pertain torepparttar 105225 consumers hard to break habits. Note that .com isrepparttar 105226 internationally recognized extension for serious Internet business sites.

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