Free Competition Analysis for E-Commerce Startup

Written by Lawrence Roth

For anyone who has completed research regarding e-commerce, there are some common catch phrases that we all come across. ‘Competition Analysis’ is one of those catch phrases. Competition Analysis is part ofrepparttar business plan. And it is an important part.

However, completing some ofrepparttar 117000 tasks that are required for Competition Analysis can be overwhelming and expensive. This is a disadvantage for e-commerce startups with limited budgets.

The following is a suggestion that has worked for us at Rothline Entertainment, an e-commerce site located at After reviewing information on completing Competition Analysis, we immediately knew we could not afford to have an outside source complete these tasks. We were also overwhelmed withrepparttar 117001 idea of attempting to completerepparttar 117002 tasks ourselves.

We brainstormed regarding who our competition is and how well they are doing. One ofrepparttar 117003 free tools that helped usrepparttar 117004 most with Competition Analysis was op_500.

The Community Advantage

Written by Lois M. Jeary

The Community Advantage by Lois M. Jeary, March 2004

If you've been working online for any length of time, you already know that it's pretty tough trying to 'do' everything by yourself. Withoutrepparttar assistance and guidance of fellow publishers and mentors, you would not come as far as you have in your business.

The right software can also eliminate some ofrepparttar 116999 workload, but it'srepparttar 117000 people we come into to contact with andrepparttar 117001 relationships we build that are vital to our success.

Sharing Knowledge and Skills

This is why forums have become so popular. They offer advice, suggestions and assistance to those looking for answers. It's a great way to develop your internet presence while helping others to succeed. Websites that offer 'how-to' tutorials or videos are also gaining recognition and popularity.

Eliminaterepparttar 117002 Need For eMail

If I was just starting out and had to rely on email as my method of delivery today, I would not start publishing. When I first started publishing KIT in 2001, delivering my content and receiving feedback from my readers was a relatively simple task.

Today, it's become something of a nightmare. You see more publishers sending out notes to let you know that if you didn't receiverepparttar 117003 latest issue, it probably got killed byrepparttar 117004 filters. I would suggest that another reason for this second notice is that publishers are no longer receivingrepparttar 117005 kinds responses they are used to when they send out their latest issue.

Each time we step up our level of security or protection by switching from single opt-in to double opt-in for instance, our subscribers are also being asked to jump through hoops just to stay with us.

The reason: email is broken. Untilrepparttar 117006 protocol for email is modified, you will continue to see invalid email addresses, false headers, spoofing and phishing scams that directly affect your business while putting everyone at risk. It's time to put an end to this risk.

Direct To Desktop Publishing

There are no two ways about it. If you are a publisher, you know how much time, effort and commitment is involved to put out good content on a regular basis.

Now add allrepparttar 117007 nonsense that goes hand in hand with publishing through email today. Masking words so they don't triprepparttar 117008 filters. Invalid email addresses. Handling bouncebacks. ISP blocking and filtering. The list goes on and on and it's costing you.

Usingrepparttar 117009 rss (real simple syndication) technology to deliver your content isrepparttar 117010 best solution I've come across in a long time. All your subscriber is required to do is download what is known as a reader and from then on, all your content arrives on their desktop automatically and unaltered. It's also cross- browser, cross-platform friendly at Quikonnex. That's why I chose them. You don't have to worry about which browser or operating system your readers use. Unlike a regular weblog,repparttar 117011 rss feed updates your content automatically which means you don't have to send out a message telling your readers that your content has been updated.

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