Free Cell Phone Offers – A Win-Win Situation?

Written by Syd Johnson

You can find a long list of free cell phone offers onrepparttar web by doing some online research. A few of minutes of research can help you save time and money. These free cell phone offers are a great way to: 1.Get more phone on a budget. 2.Upgrade your phone and get a better brand 3.Add more features and capabilities 4.Putrepparttar 150811 extra money saved towards your monthly plan. 5.Keeprepparttar 150812 extra cash and don’t spend it at all 6.Get a flip phone with better voice quality

Best of all, these free offers are a win-win for you andrepparttar 150813 cell phone companies. You get an awesome phone, and they'll get a customer for another year or two. So, with allrepparttar 150814 offers onrepparttar 150815 web, one has to wonder:

Are they really free? Yes, but, only if you sign up for a new plan when you purchase your phone.

Here's our quick guide to gettingrepparttar 150816 best free cell phone deals online.

Select your features Write down a list ofrepparttar 150817 top 5 features that you need in a cell phone. If you plan to use it as your primary phone increase your list to 10 features that you need. Include everything from background color, text messaging capabilities, phone size, brand, internet ready and other features.

Size matters Any cell phone carrier out there can impress you with a phonerepparttar 150818 size of your credit card. However, when it comes to dialing, you cannot adjustrepparttar 150819 size of your hand and your fingers. The perfect phone for your pocket or purse might not berepparttar 150820 perfect phone when you try to use it.

Surfrepparttar 150821 web for options A quick search on any major search engine will reveal a list of retailers eager to offer free cell phones with a service plan. Surf around, look atrepparttar 150822 options, and offers, and select a free cell phone that meets all of your needs.

Save Money on Cell Phone Offers: Beware of Family Plans

Written by Syd Johnson

There are many offers for family cell phone plans onrepparttar web. To getrepparttar 150810 best deals, here are some guidelines: 1.Get enough anytime minutes 2.Keep track of your usage 3.Be aware ofrepparttar 150811 costs for extras like text messaging and internet access 4.Have a family policy on whether or not your will these extra services 5.Avoid roaming charges and... 6.Monitor your monthly statements

15 minutes talk time per day Get enough minutes for everyone on your plan. If you have more than three people onrepparttar 150812 same plan, you should avoid 300 and 500 minute plans. Assuming you have free nights and weekends, a 300 minute plan works out to 15 minutes of talk time per day. This is certainly not a good deal, even for two people. Unless you like to pay outrageous per minute fees, get as many minutes as you can afford.

Text Away Teenagers love text messaging. So do cell phone companies since it costs about 10 cents to send out a message and .2 cents to receive one. If you have teenagers, consider a plan that includes unlimited text messaging and internet access. If this is not available you can also get a cell phone that is not internet ready so they can’t go online even if they wanted to. The same applies to camera phones, enhanced phones and anything else that can end up costing you atrepparttar 150813 end ofrepparttar 150814 month.

Family Policy So you have your incredibly jazzed up, multi-color-camera-MMS phone. Can you exercise restraint? Everyone should agree on what is considered acceptable use for a cell phone, such as keeping in touch when you plan to be late. You should also define unacceptable uses, such as drainingrepparttar 150815 minutes without notifyingrepparttar 150816 primary account holder so everyone else goes over their limits.

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