Free Agent Accountability

Written by Paul Bednar

The recent surge in corporate deceit and scandal should be a wake up call for free agents. Here are a few items to which every free agent should be accountable.

1. Be honest

This is as simple as doing what you say you're going to do. Don't promise something you can't achieve or deliver.

2. Charge a fair fee

Everyone needs to earn a living but don't be greedy. You're in this business forrepparttar long haul. Price gouging is very short sighted and negatively impacts your reputation.

3. Provide excellent customer service

When you're a small operation, service can be a huge advantage. Other organizations have a bureaucracy to work through to make decisions. Be more responsive and flexible. Use this speed to your advantage.

Web Page Statistics Demystified

Written by Alice Seba

Do web page statistics have your head spinning? What's a hit? How is that different than a request? Is itrepparttar same as a visitor? And how about a unique visitor? Here are some answers. Read on and you will also find out how to use your web page statistics effectively in your online marketing plan and web page design.

A Few Definitions: Hits - This statistic counts each html file on a page. This includesrepparttar 117452 actual page a person is looking at and it counts each picture on a page. If your page has 3 graphics on it; then a visit to that page would generate 4 hits.

Requests - Usually, this isrepparttar 117453 same thing as a hit. If it is called a "page request", it would berepparttar 117454 same thing as "pages". This may sound confusing, but people are using different terms to meanrepparttar 117455 same thing.

Visitor - This varies, but generally it is one IP visiting your site in a 30 minute period. Ifrepparttar 117456 same visitor comes back after 30 minutes, they will be counted as a visitor again.

Unique Visitor - This is tracked by IP. Each IP is counted only once.

Page View - This statistic countsrepparttar 117457 number of pages looked at. It is not like hits - it does not count graphic images.

Page Request - same as page view

Well, now what? There is a lot of discussion on how accurate website statistics are. There are so many factors - different visitors usingrepparttar 117458 same IP or caching of pages. There are some ISPs that use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, such as AOL and cable modem providers, which use different IPs for every file requested.* This can make one user look like many. Pages with frames may give distorted statistics asrepparttar 117459 frame is its own page, thus increasingrepparttar 117460 actual number of pages viewed.

Although you cannot take what your statistics say as gospel, you can learn a lot about your website visitors and your web page from them. Thus, enabling you to improve your website and to create a viable marketing and design plan.

Generally, you want to learn more about what percentage of your visitors are "buying", how people find you, what pages they are looking at and which pages they are not looking at.

Focus your attention onrepparttar 117461 following statistics: 1. Visitors - You set up a web page because you want your visitors to do something. It may be to purchase your product, sign up for your newsletter or to request more information. Whatever your goal is, you cannot simply look atrepparttar 117462 number of visitors to your site to determine your success.

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