Free Advertising, Exposure And Traffic Through Powerful Testimonials

Written by Paula Morrow

There's nothing like a glowing review to make you feel better about a purchase. It can help overcome doubts, answer questions, and really ramp uprepparttar excitement factor. Such isrepparttar 125045 power of a well-written, well-placed testimonial.

In this age of skepticism, many people sometimes discount testimonials, feeling like they're fake, or made up.

But we know better!

Site owners recognize that there is nothing like a positive, unsolicited testimonial from a customer to strengthen a professional reputation. Especially ifrepparttar 125046 customer shares how their product or service changed their lives forrepparttar 125047 better. They usually post these in very public areas, for obvious reasons.

Now, imaginerepparttar 125048 exposure your name and URL will receive if YOUR testimonial is posted. There you are, commonly in a highlighted box, with your URL hyperlinked back to your web site.

Think some potential prospects will come across this link and perhaps, out of curiosity, click through to your site? Especially if you combine a mention of your own product or service withinrepparttar 125049 testimonial? I've seen people get an enormous amount of additional traffic this way.

Do this quick exercise. Go to some ofrepparttar 125050 'guru' websites. Look forrepparttar 125051 testimonials. You'll start noticingrepparttar 125052 same names and URL's showing up over and over again. These people are on to something! Namely, spillover traffic!

Plus, by being seen onrepparttar 125053 web sites of a heavy hitter,repparttar 125054 writers' credibility is enhanced by affiliation.

Testimonials are a win-win.

Do yourself a favor - from now on, every time you sign up for a free service, buy a product, or sign up for an affiliate program, write a short testimonial and send it torepparttar 125055 web site's owner/webmaster.

It's Not The Traffic You Get - It's The Customers You Keep!

Written by Paula Morrow

There are a lot of offers online, hypingrepparttar ability to deliver thousands of hits to your web site. For a price.

True,repparttar 125044 Internet is a numbers game. What these services are implying is thatrepparttar 125045 more people you can expose to your message,repparttar 125046 more sales you will get.

This is true, to a point, but it's not just aboutrepparttar 125047 traffic - it's about attracting, converting and KEEPING customers.


Now, how do you do that? You get them through advertising and keep them through customer service.

So, you carefully analyze a few ezines, determine thatrepparttar 125048 ratio of ads to original content is ok, and start gettingrepparttar 125049 word out through advertising. Soon your logs tell you that your traffic is picking up. Great!

Now, how do you make them stick around, and hopefully become customers?

Shower them with attention. Get their email address asap, and start wowing them with your knowledge and insight. Maybe record an interview with a guru or two, and post it for free on your site. Make them feel like you'rerepparttar 125050 best source of information around.

If you do enough of this, hopefully a prospect will soon become a customer. So, You've Converted Them…Now What?

Now that they're a paying customer, you have to keep them. There are a number of inexpensive, if not outright free, ways that you can show your customers your appreciation. Hopefully most of these will already be familiar:

*Say thank you. Tell them that you appreciate their business. Reinforce that positive behavior!

*Send individualized follow up. Want to really shock them? Send them a note IN THE MAIL. Do you think others out there in cyberspace do this? Do you think it'll separate you from your competition?

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