Frames and Search Engines

Written by Sumantra Roy

When it comes to framed sites andrepparttar effect thatrepparttar 141587 use of frames by a site has on its search engine ranking, there are two schools of thought.

Some people say that framed sites, if done properly, have no problems in getting good rankings inrepparttar 141588 search engines.

Others claim that if search engine optimization is important to you, never use frames.

In my opinion,repparttar 141589 truth lies somewhere in between. Yes,repparttar 141590 use of frames does throw up a few issues when it comes to getting good rankings inrepparttar 141591 search engines which don't understand frames.

Hence, when you are designing a new site, I would recommend that you avoid using frames, unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

However, if you already have a site which uses frames, all is not lost. You can still get good rankings inrepparttar 141592 search engines even though you have used frames.

Furthermore, using frames also has its own advantages when it comes to search engine placement, as we shall later on.

This article assumes that you have a working knowledge of frames. For more information on frames, go to

In case your site uses frames,repparttar 141593 key to getting good rankings lies in usingrepparttar 141594 NOFRAMES tag. The NOFRAMES tag is intended to help framed web sites display some content for those people who are using browsers which don't understand frames.

The search engines which don't understand frames also look atrepparttar 141595 NOFRAMES tag. Hence, if you are using frames, you need to add content torepparttar 141596 NOFRAMES tag.

What you should do is to add a complete web page withinrepparttar 141597 NOFRAMES tag. Ensure that this page repeatsrepparttar 141598 important keywords for your site a number of times.

Also, in order to ensure thatrepparttar 141599 content withinrepparttar 141600 NOFRAMES tag is as prominent as possible torepparttar 141601 search engines, you should putrepparttar 141602 NOFRAMES tag right afterrepparttar 141603 FRAMESET tag.

However, don't putrepparttar 141604 NOFRAMES beforerepparttar 141605 FRAMESET tag. If you do that, Internet Explorer will display your site correctly but Netscape will displayrepparttar 141606 content present inrepparttar 141607 NOFRAMES tag, rather thanrepparttar 141608 content present withinrepparttar 141609 frames.

Free Up Memory (RAM) in Windows

Written by Kevin J Vella

The processing power stored inrepparttar CPU of a PC is extremely important when running games, movie players, compression products and graphics software.

However, when analysing overall system performance, CPU speed comes second to having sufficient physical memory (RAM) to run these complex applications.

While many of todayís computers have enough RAM to store a small library, modern software and media files do require a lot of memory consuming resources.

Memory-related problems can cause delays and glitches that can drastically hamperrepparttar 141586 software being used with, for example, noticeable slowing down of movies (or delays in playback)and games.

By optimizing all your system settings and by monitoring resource usage more carefully, these problems can be avoided, resulting in a smoother and more stable gaming experience.

Paging Files and Performance:

In comparison torepparttar 141587 minute integrated circuitry of a RAM Chip, a mechanical hard drive is not very fast. The read/write speed ofrepparttar 141588 hard drive is slower than RAM andrepparttar 141589 technology ofrepparttar 141590 former is not designed toward accessing small pieces of data at a time.

When your computer runs out of physical memory, Windows will use your hard drive to storerepparttar 141591 information that it cannot place in RAM.

It will indiscriminately create what is called virtual memory or a paging file (or a swap file) that stores data from RAM that hasnít been used recently to load up and managerepparttar 141592 more recent applications.

This slows down your hard drive and eventually may lead to a system crash.

The greaterrepparttar 141593 number of (orrepparttar 141594 more power-hungry) applications running,repparttar 141595 more RAM is required andrepparttar 141596 largerrepparttar 141597 paging files may be.

The easiest solution to this problem and perhapsrepparttar 141598 most expensive is to upgrade your RAM. There are, however, less expensive solutions that will greatly enhance your PC memory.

Ideally, you would want to avoid usingrepparttar 141599 paging file (hence your hard drive) directly for complicated operations by making sure that there is always enough RAM to execute these programs.

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