Four steps to attracting more good luck

Written by David Leonhardt

The Luck Factor rips apartrepparttar notion that luck is something that just happens. Dr. Wiseman reports on over three years of scientific inquiry into what is often consideredrepparttar 126240 most unscientific topic of all. However, Dr. Wiseman suggests another reason forrepparttar 126241 lack of scientific research into luck:

"The situation is akin torepparttar 126242 old story ofrepparttar 126243 man who knows he dropped some treasure in one part ofrepparttar 126244 street but searches in another part becauserepparttar 126245 light is better there."

Dr. Wiseman's central thesis is that luck can be predicted and therefore controlled. He offers four "principles of luck", then explains how we can harness these principles to live luckier lives. The four principles are:

1. Maximize your chance opportunities 2. Listen to your lucky hunches 3. Expect good fortune 4. Turn bad luck into good

Fire Up Your Enthusiasm!

Written by Donald Schnell

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Dear Success Colleague,

Inrepparttar 126239 next 7 minutes turn on your enthusiasm! Whatever challenges you face today will be easier if you program yourself with enthusiastic feelings. In fact, enthusiasm can make allrepparttar 126240 difference between a successful day, or just another day. Which do you choose?

Affirmations are one method of generating enthusiasm.


Affirm your way to success. Affirmations are a powerful tool of transformation. I was first introduced to their power during a sales training class.

The Veteran salesman looked at me and said, “Donald if you want your prospects to buy to you have to act enthusiastic!”

“How I asked?”

He looked me inrepparttar 126241 eye, and then spun his body around 360 degrees, crashing his fist into his palm. He was smiling enthusiastically, and he affirmed, “I feel great!” His voice was booming, commanding and filled with enthusiasm.

The result? His enthusiasm was contagious.

By working with affirmations, you startrepparttar 126242 process of changing negative and unproductive beliefs, into positive life supporting beliefs. Regular practice of affirmations will create a more successful future.

Here are some guidelines:


Establish in your mindrepparttar 126243 specific area in which you most want to improve. There are many areas of life where affirmations are useful. Some areas are self-esteem, love & relationships, creative self expression, work, prosperity, health and spiritual development.

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