Four Ways To Make Your Web Copy SELL!

Written by Ron Sathoff

Is your web site getting visitors, but not selling anything? It'srepparttar most common problem onrepparttar 132052 Internet.

If you check your web site statistics, you'll notice dozens, hundreds, even thousands of visitors stopping at your site, pausing for a minute, then clicking away. Your opening page gets tons of hits, but inner pages-often where you do all your selling-are lonely as a ghost town.

Here are four quick ways you can improverepparttar 132053 words on your opening page to catch readers, hold their interest, and makerepparttar 132054 sale.

1. Put a big headline atrepparttar 132055 top of your page. Don't try to be cute. Simply lay outrepparttar 132056 main benefit your site offersrepparttar 132057 visitor. "Save Money NOW With Better Gas Mileage." I like to start headlines with an action word like save, learn, profit, or relax. This gives your headline energy. Don't be afraid to make your headline 15 words or longer. Long headlines get results.

2. Next give your page a bold subheading. Make it provide a clue as to howrepparttar 132058 headline's benefit can be achieved. The subheading can also add one or two more benefits a customer will receive. "Here is what you need to know to spend 20% less each month on gas. Smart driving techniques, cutting-edge gas additives, andrepparttar 132059 hard truth about SUV's."

Wearing Many Hats as a Web Site Owner

Written by Marc McDonald

If you've run a Web site for very long, no doubt you've discovered thatrepparttar process of actually building your site is onlyrepparttar 132050 beginning of your challenge in creating a successful Web business.

It takes a lot more than knowledge of HTML to get a successful site up and running. Veteran site owners eventually become aware ofrepparttar 132051 fact that one must excel in a number of areas in order to earn a living onrepparttar 132052 Net.

These include:

1. You must be familiar with at leastrepparttar 132053 basics of HTML and other aspects of page building.

2. Additionally, it's important to learnrepparttar 132054 nuances ofrepparttar 132055 various search engines out there and to become familiar with how to give your siterepparttar 132056 best exposure possible through them.

3. You must also become familiar withrepparttar 132057 Web's various revenue opportunities and learn how to properly implement them on your site, as well as getrepparttar 132058 most bang for your buck.

And all of this is onlyrepparttar 132059 tip ofrepparttar 132060 iceberg when it comes to running a Web business. Depending onrepparttar 132061 format of your site, you may also have to learn specialized tasks, ranging from how to ensure that you have a stable hosting environment to learning how to set up and run a database.

As time goes on, it can all seem quite overwhelming. A successful Web site owner must indeed learn to be a jack of all trades. I'm often asked by fellow site owners for tips and advice on how one can juggle so many duties successfully.

It's been my experience overrepparttar 132062 years, that it's best to not try to do everything yourself, once your site is up and going and well established. Overrepparttar 132063 years, I've developed numerous relationships with other Webmasters, each of whom typically excels in one area of expertise. In effect, my colleagues and I have built up a common pool of knowledge that we share among ourselves.

These days, I'm much more likely to farm out a given specialized task to someone who excels in that area, rather than try to stumble throughrepparttar 132064 process myself.

It's a far cry from 1995, when I first set up shop onrepparttar 132065 Web. In those days, I did everything myself: from writingrepparttar 132066 HTML to installing CGI scripts to creating my own custom graphic images, etc.

Sorepparttar 132067 question remains: how many hats should a Web site owner try to wear? I thinkrepparttar 132068 answer lies in how far along you are inrepparttar 132069 development of your Web business.

If you only recently started a Web site, I think it's important to do everything yourself initially. You should become familiar with at leastrepparttar 132070 basics of every aspect of Webmastering. Even if you're planning to farm out such work eventually, it's important for you to at least knowrepparttar 132071 basics, atrepparttar 132072 outset. It'll save you a great deal of grief, overrepparttar 132073 long term.

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