Four Tips to Save You Money in a Divorce Case

Written by Scott Morgan

1. Have an Clear Written Fee Agreement

Most experienced and effective divorce attorneys charge byrepparttar hour and require an advance retainer (or deposit) that is paid atrepparttar 140107 beginning ofrepparttar 140108 case. Fees and expenses will be charged againstrepparttar 140109 retainer until it is exhausted, at which pointrepparttar 140110 client will be responsible for any additional sums incurred.

Clients will sometimes seek an attorney who will represent them on a flat fee basis, thinking that this will save them money. The problem with this arrangement is thatrepparttar 140111 attorney has no incentive to do anything beyondrepparttar 140112 bare minimum. The client often feels like his case is being ignored,repparttar 140113 attorney often feels likerepparttar 140114 client is intentionally trying to take up as much of his time as possible, and they may both be right.

Whether you hire a lawyer on an hourly or flat fee basis, it is extremely important that you get a written fee agreement that makes clearrepparttar 140115 terms ofrepparttar 140116 representation, including whether any retainer is refundable, how often you will receive statements,repparttar 140117 attorney’s hourly rates, etc. You should get and keep a copy of this fee agreement.

2. Don’t Mistake Your Divorce Lawyer for Your Therapist

Divorces are extremely emotional. Because your divorce attorney is (or at least should be) firmly in your corner, talking to him can be a very reassuring experience. This person understands your side ofrepparttar 140118 situation and it feels good to talk to someone who seesrepparttar 140119 righteousness of your position. Because it makes you feel better you get intorepparttar 140120 habit of calling often, almost daily.

Unless you have more money than you know what to do with you should avoid falling into this trap.

Remember that every time you call your lawyerrepparttar 140121 clock is ticking and you are getting billed byrepparttar 140122 hour. Think of it as a very expensive cab ride. As soon as you get inrepparttar 140123 cab,repparttar 140124 meter starts running. It worksrepparttar 140125 same with a lawyer, as soon as you are onrepparttar 140126 phone with himrepparttar 140127 meter is running and you are getting charged.

This does not mean you should never communicate with your lawyer. Onrepparttar 140128 contrary, you should communicate with your attorney anytime you need legal advice on your case. But before you pick uprepparttar 140129 phone make a list of questions or issues you want to discuss and limit your conversation to these points without wasting time ranting aboutrepparttar 140130 unfairness ofrepparttar 140131 situation.

Workers Compensation – The Real Truth

Written by T.Going

Workers Compensation – The Real Truth

In Oklahoma hundreds of workers are injured and sometimes killed onrepparttar job everyday. Even though some ofrepparttar 140036 most strict precautions and protection policies are put in place, hundreds of workers continue to get injured. Workers Compensation is a safety precaution put in place for these workers, ensuring that they will be provided with income while recovering from their injuries. However, workers compensation rarely provides enough money for most people to live on, and in many cases forces workers to return to their jobs while still being injured because their benefits have run out.

In addition, sometimes

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