Four Simple Steps to Improve Your Sales Copy

Written by Jennifer Stewart

You know what its like, you're readingrepparttar sales material about a product you're considering buying, but, as you read, all these questions seem to pop into your mind, but there's no-one there to answer them, so you shelve your plans to purchase.

If it happens to you, you can guarantee it also happens to your customers when they read your sales copy. So, what'srepparttar 127464 answer?

You don't have to practise mind-reading, just good-old fashioned common sense - here's a four-step format to help you reassure your customers by answering those unasked questions:

1. "What's in it for me?" Paint a picture You already know it's important to promoterepparttar 127465 major benefits of using your product in your opening copy, but don't just listrepparttar 127466 benefits. Paint a picture so your readers can visualise themselves enjoying these benefits.

Not: "Save time and money with Acme widgets," but, "Free! Four hours a week to read a book, walk alongrepparttar 127467 beach and follow your dream when you use Acme widgetsrepparttar 127468 quickest Widget onrepparttar 127469 market today."

2. "How can you give me this?" Explain why People aren't silly, they're not going to believe something just because you say it's true. You must offer credible, logical reasons to support your claims.

Integrity In Business-The Secret To Increased Sales

Written by Bob Davies

Imagine David Letterman is onrepparttar streets of New York City with a microphone in hand. He has one question to ask those who happen to pass by, "What isrepparttar 127463 purpose of being in business?" "What do you thinkrepparttar 127464 most common response will be? I would guess that almost everyone, if not everyone, will answer thatrepparttar 127465 purpose of being in business is to make money.

Iím going to suggest a different way of looking at this question. Imagine for a moment thatrepparttar 127466 purpose of being in business was to Grow People! What would be different? How about, everything would be different and you would make more money as well!

I rented a movierepparttar 127467 other day about industrial technology. I loved these lines from that movies main character;

"Lately Iíve been reading about some of our great entrepreneurs, Dupont, Rockefeller, Ford. Their ability to create great new wealth depended onrepparttar 127468 fact that they worked out onrepparttar 127469 edge,repparttar 127470 leading edge,repparttar 127471 frontier. It can be a scary place...but once youíve stepped out ontorepparttar 127472 edge, itís impossible to come back.

I welcomerepparttar 127473 challenges ofrepparttar 127474 frontier. Institutions never create anything, individuals do. We arerepparttar 127475 thinkers,repparttar 127476 planners,repparttar 127477 visionaries, that will shaperepparttar 127478 future. It is our destiny not only to change to make people community, but to changerepparttar 127479 way people think."

It is my vision and quest to travel throughoutrepparttar 127480 United States and abroad and speakrepparttar 127481 code. If individuals and groups would live their lives with integrity,repparttar 127482 world would be a safer, more vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling place.

I do understand that this is a new way of thinking. However, all ofrepparttar 127483 research that I have conducted points to similarities between those companies that are considered to be visionary versus those that are not. Companies such as Citicorp, Ford, Marriott, Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, and Walt Disney all share a common code of integrity. I will give you my interpretation of that shared code.

These visionary companies live a culture, a belief system, that is shared by every level ofrepparttar 127484 organization. One of these shared beliefs is thatrepparttar 127485 purpose of being in business is to grow people. How do you grow people? You do this through coaching and a principle based organization. The following arerepparttar 127486 guiding principles that I believe are necessary for a company to be living in integrity.

Three Core Principles:

1) I do what I say I will do.

2). I canít do it by myself. I am far better off as a part of a team than I can ever be by myself.

3) Accountability-I amrepparttar 127487 source of all that I experience.

Core principle #1: I do what I say I will do.

This is a fundamental principle. If an individual does not hold this as important,repparttar 127488 entire system of core values fall apart. I support this principle by blastingrepparttar 127489 following myth:

I am better off by committing high and falling short, then committing lower and falling short.

Please understand that this is a myth, and is not true. One is not better off by unrealistically committing to big audacious and hairy goals. If an individual commits to an artificially high goal thenrepparttar 127490 moment they start to question their ability to reach that goal, their motivation begins to dramatically decrease. The "pull" of hope no longer is present.

Replace that myth with MLOís. Minimum level objectives. This concept embraces repparttar 127491 first principle of living with integrity, I do what I said I would do. What isrepparttar 127492 minimum level you give your word you will do and falling short does not exist.

I have been inrepparttar 127493 training and coaching business for over twenty years. I canít tell you how many times I have heard an individual say that they were committed to reach some goal and then not takerepparttar 127494 intended actions. They all had viable reasons, stories, priorities, unscheduled interruptions, and excuses. They all also didnít do what they said they would do!

When you use MLOís, you call upon Newtonsí third principle of physics, "inertia". "Any body in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an external force" With huge unrealistic goals,repparttar 127495 external force preventing repparttar 127496 continuation of momentum is fear. Once individuals see "evidence" that they canít do something they immediately buy into that evidence as being true and they live their lives in resignation. Iíve heard it said, "itsírepparttar 127497 starting that stops most people."

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