Four Major Steps Toward Building an Awesome Music Ministry

Written by By John Pape Jr.

The inspiration for this article comes from an Old Testament story. In this story there is a special building project undertaken by Solomon. The four stages explained in this article arerepparttar exact same steps illustrated in this story. You will find that these four concepts will dramatically help you in your music ministry. You need to take this information and start creating an overwhelming positive worship experience in your church's worship service.

This is where we begin - One day as I was readingrepparttar 127040 Bible I came across and amazing scripture. Solomon's temple was completed andrepparttar 127041 priests were ministering and then God's glory filledrepparttar 127042 temple. The awe and reverence caused everyone to stop and let God inhabitrepparttar 127043 worship.

Looking back I realized that there was a lot of hard work and preparation that needed to happen. The nation Israel needed to come together and buildrepparttar 127044 temple. It all started with a vision from David. He desired to build a temple that was worthy for God. But, he could not because he shed too much blood in his lifetime. The torch was past on to his son Solomon.

Then I noticed that there was a distinct pattern regardingrepparttar 127045 various stages ofrepparttar 127046 project. Andrepparttar 127047 pattern fits no matter what kind of building project you start. I want to show you how it applies to your music ministry.

The metaphor of building a house is appropriate inrepparttar 127048 fact that it gives you a visual model to help understand how to build your music ministry. And you can apply this basic principle to make vast improvements inrepparttar 127049 way you minister torepparttar 127050 people you serve.

With all this in mind let us look atrepparttar 127051 four major steps toward building an awesome music ministry.

There are basically four major milestones whenever a building project is undertaken. These four milestones insurerepparttar 127052 success ofrepparttar 127053 project. You can take these proven principles and apply them to your ministry.

Here arerepparttar 127054 four major areas..

1) Have a Blueprint to guide your course.

You need to know and understandrepparttar 127055 final outcome. You need to determinerepparttar 127056 real purpose and goal for doing what you do. A blueprint will help guide and direct your path. The benefit of doing this is you will be able to predictrepparttar 127057 outcome with a great deal of accuracy. You will have a roadmap and compass that will guide you thoughrepparttar 127058 process. You will be able to make adjustments torepparttar 127059 way you are doing things now.

2) Build on a Solid Foundation

Obviously, a solid foundation is perhapsrepparttar 127060 most important aspect of a building. As a Christian you must stand on a good foundation. You need a relationship with God that is built on truth. And you need to nurture that relationship. A Solid Foundation insures that you get off to a positive start. A weak foundation can only end up in ruin.

Dear Satan

Written by C R Hamilton

Dear Satan By C. R. Hamilton

Dear Satan, I know who you are. I know how you think and I know what your plan is and how you will carry it out. The fact that you are a liar is no secret, butrepparttar methods in which you tell your lies are deceitful. You do not have to tell a lie in its direct form (although you do) you can lie by simply not tellingrepparttar 127039 whole truth.

You knowrepparttar 127040 words of God almost as good as God does; onlyrepparttar 127041 power ofrepparttar 127042 word does not work for you as it does for him. You do not haverepparttar 127043 slightest idea what many of His words mean, you just say you do. Moreover, you never do whatrepparttar 127044 words says do.

You put on shows with antics in mockery of God in front of those that are ignorant to Godís word, and tell them only what you assumerepparttar 127045 words mean. You walkrepparttar 127046 fine line of truth and lie but you can never cross over because God will not let you, you have already chosen your destiny. You are angry for that so you tell lies, all lies. You quote whatrepparttar 127047 word says but you really donít believe it, and you fill innocent and gullible minds with what you think you know, but you do not know anything.

Your whole plan is to trick people using your enemyís word. You do not like God; in fact, you despise him because he is much more powerful than you are. He has all power, and you have none, and you are jealous. You may have more people on your side butrepparttar 127048 ones God has on his side will never be yours. You think you can have them but you really know you canít. You may even deceive many of them but you do not own them anymore.

You tell people that God does not love them and that he does not care, butrepparttar 127049 truth is he does only not about you. You play childish games so well. You are mean and hatred is deep down inside you. You are angry allrepparttar 127050 time and always depressed. You act like you love someone and they may even believe you, but inrepparttar 127051 end, they soon realize you donít. Moreover, you hate it when they find you out. Nevertheless, I also know that you do not care if they find out that you do not care. The only reason you get mad is that you were found out.

So you move on to your next victim and start off real nice and sweet, like you want to help them or teach them or care. And you do it very well, but remember, I know who you are, you can not fool me.

You take Godís word and use it to hurt people by giving them scriptures of correction allrepparttar 127052 time and never a word of encouragement. You do not even know how to encourage people; you only pretend so you can gain their trust. You kill people spiritually with words and wound them with scriptures, making them think that it is God doing it. I know your game.

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