Four Keys to Overcoming Your Nervousness Around Women

Written by John Alexander

Standing atrepparttar magazine rack thumbing through Cosmo, she hasrepparttar 140802 most gorgeous face you've ever seen. Her hair is silky brown. Her skin looks so radiant and so incredibly soft. You would be on top ofrepparttar 140803 world if you could pick her this girl up.

You feelrepparttar 140804 fear deep in your gut.

You know that even if you got your balls in gear and went for it, you wouldn't know what to say. You feel so nervous and fumbly that you would reject yourself if you were her. So you shy away from even approaching her inrepparttar 140805 first place.

Does this situation sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

The first thing for you to realize is that all guys get anxiety about approaching women. I know I certainly do.

But what separates you (and me) fromrepparttar 140806 rest ofrepparttar 140807 guys is...

What You Do About Your Fear.

Most guys let fear paralyze them... not just about chicks, but about other things in their life like their career... which is why, unfortunately, most guys will never findrepparttar 140808 success that they want.

First, look at where your fear comes from. The problem is inside of you. It's not withrepparttar 140809 chicks.

If you're thinking about rejection, then that means you're making your approaches with a certain outcome in mind (I'm just guessing, but I think if you're like most guys, your goal is getting chicks attracted to you so that you can get laid).

Try this instead... approach without having any expectations. No goals.

Let me tell you about a problem I used to have. I'm inclined to be an introvert, as I discuss in my book , [insert your affiliate link] "How to Become an Alpha Male."

So to overcome my shyness, I would force myself to chat up everybody, no matter who they were... hot girls, ugly girls, fat girls, old people, men, children, people walking dogs, etc.

I would talk about neutral topics with them, nothing to do with picking up chicks.

The net result from all of that was I became really good at approaching people.

After that, however, I made a mistake. I said to myself, "Since I'm so good at approaching people and have become an outgoing person, why am I wasting time talking to anyone other than hot chicks?"

So then I limitedrepparttar 140810 people I talked to... and my anxiety about talking to random women swept over me once again. It was as if I'd never had all that practice chatting up strangers inrepparttar 140811 first place.

At that point I realized it was because I was outcome-dependent. Because I had thoughts like "I'm going to try to lay this chick" in my mind... before I'd even opened my mouth to say "hi"... and so I would crash and burn. It sucked.

Here's something I want you to try. Whenever you go out, talk to three people, but do it just for practice. Don't do it for real.

Because it's just for practice, don't limit yourself to just talking to hot women. In general, I've found that elderly people (both males and females) and fat women are easy to talk to.

If it helps, set up a time limit for your practice interactions, like that you'll talk torepparttar 140812 person for 30 seconds and then you'll get out ofrepparttar 140813 conversation. (Say something like, "Well, I'm on my way to meeting a friend. Good chatting with you." And then walk away without making a big deal of it.)

Once you've done your practices and feel warmed up, then you can chat up hot chicks. Again though, do it without having any sort of sex-related outcome in mind. For example, if a chick passes by you in a hallway, just say, "Hey, I need a quick female opinion on something." (Then ask about something that you genuinely want a female opinion on.)

Neighbours and Party Tips

Written by Stephen Cope

Don't turn your party into a lifelong feud withrepparttar neighbours! Parties are fun for most, but can turn into a nightmare for neighbours.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you remain on good terms with your neighbours after your party ends.

1. Tell them about your party well in advance. They need to know start and end times, number of guests etc. 2. If possible invite your neighbours. 3. Make sure that your guests don't park where they shouldn't and ensurerepparttar 140726 neighbours have access to their property at all times. 4. Keeprepparttar 140727 noise to a reasonable level especially after 11 pm. 5. Many people even though they are upset with something don't complain so check on your neighbours duringrepparttar 140728 course ofrepparttar 140729 party to make sure that they are OK with everything. Give them a quick contact inrepparttar 140730 event of problems.

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