Four Golden nuggets of Effective Listening

Written by Eric Plantenberg

Why should I improve my listening skills?

It's a great question. Forrepparttar simple reason that a person's listening skills are a central component to most ofrepparttar 107950 activities people care about. Your ability to understand what others are trying to tell you, to grasp details about projects, to learn information about a customer's needs, or to understand what is going on in your family's life all depend on your ability to effectively listen.

While most people possessrepparttar 107951 ability to hear, many have never takenrepparttar 107952 time to consciously developrepparttar 107953 ability to listen. Here are four golden nuggets to help you improve your listening skills: Slow down and relax. The fact that your mind can think at least 7 times faster than people can talk identifies much ofrepparttar 107954 problem right fromrepparttar 107955 start. To maximizerepparttar 107956 amount of information you are receiving from a conversation, you must minimizerepparttar 107957 number of thoughts that are racing through your mind. To help you slow down and relax, you might try taking slow deep breaths or sitting down. Both can often help slow your pace if you are feeling rushed. Focus on what is being said. That means no multi-tasking! Splitting your attention between something other than what is being said, whether that is reading, typing in your computer, or even taking notes, are all significant distractions to you ability to listen. It is also frequently annoying or even disrespectful torepparttar 107958 person who is speaking.

Web Conferencing Tips

Written by Adi Gaskell

Preperation is vital when conducting a successful videoconference session. Thus there are a number of steps to remember prior torepparttar videoconference session itself: Always testrepparttar 107949 equipment before hand. The WebVideo4U software is extremely reliable but it always pays to testrepparttar 107950 software prior torepparttar 107951 videoconference itself. There may be problems withrepparttar 107952 Internet connection,repparttar 107953 webcam orrepparttar 107954 microphone. Better to find out in time to rectifyrepparttar 107955 problem than have embarrassing delays duringrepparttar 107956 videoconference itself. Double Check Timezones

The beauty of global communication also comes withrepparttar 107957 pitfall of negotiatingrepparttar 107958 different timezones. Always checkrepparttar 107959 timezones, double check them and confirm with both parties to ensure that there are no embarrassing hickups. There are also several important steps to take when setting things up at your end to ensure thatrepparttar 107960 videoconference runs smoothly. Camera Angles

It seems an obvious thing but it doesn't look very professional if your fellow videoconference attendees can only seerepparttar 107961 top of your head or your neck. Make sure you've gotrepparttar 107962 camera set up so that your head is fully in shot and try and leave about 10% headroom. Microphones

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