Four Decorative Painting Techniques

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Tired of plain, boring walls? Faux finishes are a great way to jazz up your space with little cost or effort. Here are a few ofrepparttar most popular finishes.

Sponging: Of all faux finish techniques, sponging isrepparttar 135378 easiest, even children can do a somewhat messy reproduction of this technique. In order to sponge, you must first paintrepparttar 135379 entire area one base color. After this coat dries, then you can take a sponge or even a plastic bag, dip it in paint, and applyrepparttar 135380 paint randomly torepparttar 135381 walls. Although this is a random process, you want to be careful not to get any one area ofrepparttar 135382 wall extremely dark or leave it extremely light or your eye will be drawn to that spot immediately. Sponging is very easy, and for all supplies usually costs between $50-$100, which may also include classes if you want to learn fromrepparttar 135383 professionals.

Combing: Combing is a little more difficult. When combing, you use a squeegee with teeth to comb throughrepparttar 135384 top layer of paint. As with sponging, you want to have a bottom layer so that when you comb there will be a matching layer beneath it. Using a combing technique is also very inexpensive, and you can userepparttar 135385 squeegee to make wavy, zigzags, and other designs onrepparttar 135386 wall.

Glazing: Glazing is actuallyrepparttar 135387 product that you put over your first coat of paint. In order to glaze your walls correctly, you should take a class. You may be able to find a home improvement store that offers glazing classes or you may need to talk to a local interior decorator about classes, although these will likely be very expensive. Glazing places a transparent coat overrepparttar 135388 base coat of paint, makingrepparttar 135389 wall look a bit shiny and transparent. You can use as many coats of glaze as you want to getrepparttar 135390 desired look.

Can You Buy Luxury Home Brands Online and Save - Worry Free?

Written by Kevin Taylor

Are you frustrated withrepparttar high prices you've been quoted for luxury home decor?

What if you could safely take advantage ofrepparttar 135364 great selection and value of online shopping for home decor items that are normally $1,000, $5,000, even $10,000?

Here's some great news for people who need to bring their new dream home or home renovation costs under control.

Multitudes are makingrepparttar 135365 most of their dollars by shopping for bathtubs, bath fixtures, fireplaces, and kitchen fixtures online with "customer first" outlet sites.

Buy only from outlet sites that have taken extra effort to make you feel comfortable ordering upscale home decor brands online.

What you should look for, beyondrepparttar 135366 great prices, to ensure your purchase is hassle and risk free?

Having a clear understanding ofrepparttar 135367 return policies before you buy can make a big difference in your experience.

Luxury Home Decor outlet sites that are looking for lifetime customers have clearly written policies and specified services in these key areas. This information can easily found on their sites under "our policies" type links.

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