Foundation for The Black Woman

Written by Lape Soetan

The Black Woman seems to fall into one of three schools of thought when it comes to using foundation. The women who go overboard with foundation and end up withrepparttar thick, ‘pancake’ look; others who don’t seerepparttar 146259 need for foundation, haterepparttar 146260 ‘pancake’ look they see on other women and therefore stay away from foundation totally and then there arerepparttar 146261 women who realise that foundation is a useful and sometimes necessary tool, who have practised with different shades and formulas of foundations and have learnt to createrepparttar 146262 ‘flawless skin’ look made possible withrepparttar 146263 discreet use of foundation. The truth is that every woman should belong torepparttar 146264 third school of thought and should know that very few women have wonderful skin everyday. Forrepparttar 146265 discerning woman,repparttar 146266 illusion of perfect skin is achieved by usingrepparttar 146267 right foundation properly. The feeling you get from having seemingly perfect skin is akin to what you feel when you finally find a pair of black trousers that suit you perfectly – immense confidence.

There are two important features to look for when choosing foundation and they are colour and formula or type of foundation. Unlike a lot of women apparently think, foundation is not meant to berepparttar 146268 colour you wish your skin was but is supposed to be your exact skin shade. The only way to chooserepparttar 146269 right colour of foundation for your skin is to experiment by trying different colours. Of course, this experiment may turn out to be a little expensive but think of it as research towards creating a better-looking you! To discoverrepparttar 146270 perfect colour match for your skin, dab a little foundation onto your finger and draw a line withrepparttar 146271 foundation onto your cheek. Ifrepparttar 146272 base disappears into your skin and you can’t see it, then it isrepparttar 146273 perfect shade for you.

Choosing a specific foundation type or formula depends on your skin type andrepparttar 146274 reason you needrepparttar 146275 foundation. For example: use oil-free foundation if you have oily skin, moisturizing formulas for dry skin and special, light-reflecting formulas for mature skin. Liquid formulas giverepparttar 146276 skin complete coverage but tend to makerepparttar 146277 skin look ‘opaque’. They are best used for photo shoots, music videos, shows and such events. 2-in-1 formulas combine foundation and powder and are best for everyday use.

The Key to Natural Breast Enhancement

Written by Jason Hulott

Having nicely shaped, rounded breasts can make a woman feel sexier and confident, there is no doubt about that. However, with surgical breast enlargement procedures (such as breast augmentation and breast lifts) having a number of alarming side effects, more and more women are turning towards natural breast enhancement.

Post-operative effects of surgical breast augmentation can include a hardening ofrepparttar breasts; infection; and (sometimes permanent) loss of sensation inrepparttar 146109 nipples. Implants may also leak or break, causing a change inrepparttar 146110 shape and feel ofrepparttar 146111 breasts and a great deal of discomfort. And whilerepparttar 146112 majority ofrepparttar 146113 typical breast augmentation related problems can be treated, it often involves removingrepparttar 146114 implant (after waiting for any infection to clear) and replacing it with another meaning yet more invasive surgery.

There are many non surgical products and methods that claim to enlarge, enhance and lift your breasts such as creams; special bras; using weights and even, hypnosis.

However, more and more women are now turning to breast enlargement pills as a way of enlarging and enhancing their breasts. Breast enlargement pills can help women to enhance their breasts and gain breast size without resorting to synthetic hormones and risky, invasive surgery.

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