Formulas Copywriters Employ When Creating Web Content

Written by Angelique van Engelen

What is it exactly that copywriters DO when they produce new text for a site makeover? You often seerepparttar advertisements; a designer is looking for a freelance web writer who is going to create content around a number of keywords. There’s not a lot more information aboutrepparttar 135896 process. What arerepparttar 135897 tricks ofrepparttar 135898 trade and how do you get value for money when hiring a freelance writer?

When you discuss a site makeover with a copywriter, be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Any writer needs to knowrepparttar 135899 answers to at least these questions before he can meaningfully go to town on your content;

What isrepparttar 135900 site’s line of business?

Who is targeted?

How doesrepparttar 135901 client want their web content to reflect their goals?

What isrepparttar 135902 number of pages ofrepparttar 135903 site?

What isrepparttar 135904 site’s current conversion ratio?

What have site owners done inrepparttar 135905 past to change this?

What arerepparttar 135906 conversion ratio targets?

Isrepparttar 135907 corporate identity still in tact?

What isrepparttar 135908 identity now and what arerepparttar 135909 reasons forrepparttar 135910 change?

Most copywriters have their own style in creating creative text. But note that not every copywriter is necessarily a website copy writer. Everybody goes about content some way or another, but generally people tend to focus on a number of aspects that are wider than merely writing some text and mentioning a number of keywords.

I have developed this strategy for writing successful content for my clients; I will sit down and spell out what I callrepparttar 135911 ’vital communication factors’ of a website. The main points of sale of a business website. Orrepparttar 135912 general idea behind a general interest website. Orrepparttar 135913 philosophy, reason for being of an entity other than a business, general interest.

It is around these vital factors, that I will begin to createrepparttar 135914 skeleton of links and click throughs, orrepparttar 135915 navigational path. Weavingrepparttar 135916 text intorepparttar 135917 navigation isrepparttar 135918 next stage. I tend to assign some weightings to allrepparttar 135919 internal hyperlinks, which mirror their importance torepparttar 135920 website’s vital points before I writerepparttar 135921 text.

3 Keys to Better Online Copywriting

Written by Bruce Carlson

© 2005 by Bruce Carlson

Doingrepparttar copywriting for your own website withoutrepparttar 135763 proper knowledge and tools is pretty much like flying blind in a snowstorm without piloting experience or instruments.

It doesn't work too well.

A very basic knowledge of copywriting and direct marketing principles will take you a long ways onrepparttar 135764 Web.

Here are three simple keys to writing better online copy. Armed just with these, you'll have a jump on 90% ofrepparttar 135765 folks out there doingrepparttar 135766 copywriting for their own sites. And you'll increaserepparttar 135767 pulling quality of your site's copy today -- even if you've never written a word of copy in your life.

1) Wake up your prospect

In today's overkill ad world most people have become numb to standard sales messages. Television, newspapers, magazines, Internet, radio, etc. all blast us non-stop with advertising. After a while we just naturally tune most of it out.

Copywriting great John Carlton says to imagine that your prospect is a giant blob sitting there onrepparttar 135768 couch or in a chair. Now what would you need to do to get that blob to take action to buy?

Getting someone to stop... actually read your website copy... AND click through (or fill out a form) is serious heavy-duty action onrepparttar 135769 click-and-run Web. Your prospect has a million things on his or her mind.

Reading your copy isn't exactly Priority One...

So how do you wake your prospects up and get 'em to read your copy?

The secret is right here in this headline:


This is from Joe Karbo's sales letter for his "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" book. The letter was probably responsible for over a million dollars worth of sales for Joe.

Joe's secret here, and one which you can use too, is based on a simple principle for getting a prospect's attention.

You need to...

2) Enterrepparttar 135770 conversation going on in your prospect's mind

You should know enough about your target market to know what keeps them awake at night. If you don't yet, then you'll need to find out right away.

Inrepparttar 135771 example above from Joe Karbo, it's about working like a dog and barely making enough to payrepparttar 135772 bills. Marketers like Joe who target opportunity seekers understand that frustrations about money cause a lot of people pain.

But what concerns does your target market have? What problem(s) do they need solved? What itch(es) do they need scratched?

You can findrepparttar 135773 answers to these questions fairly easily. Lurk onrepparttar 135774 forums where your prospects hang out... Readrepparttar 135775 online and offline newsletters, magazines and journals they read...

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