Forms: The next level in e-mail communication!

Written by Raphael Pirker

Everyone knows that communication is an essential part when you want to make profit online. It sometimes takes up to 10 follow-ups through e-mail to actually make a sale from your site, sincerepparttar visitor hasrepparttar 109674 choice between many similar products or services. I've seen people provide a link to their e-mail address and wait forrepparttar 109675 questions to roll in. Are you doingrepparttar 109676 same? Then consider changing that rapidly. Why? There are 8 reasons why you should switch to Forms right now:

1. The Forms are easier to fill out for your visitor 2. The visitor can ask his questions more targeted sine Forms limitrepparttar 109677 questions he can ask 3. You can answerrepparttar 109678 questions more quickly becauserepparttar 109679 questions are more specific and structured 4. Forms allow you to track what questions are asked more often than others because Form-inquiries can be archived more easily in databases than plain e-mails 5. Thanks to Forms you can have different types of inquiries sent to different e-mail addresses all on one Form. This allows you to assign each question to a certain category and respond accordingly 6. Forms can buildrepparttar 109680 Subscriber-base of your products-announcement newsletter. How? Have you ever seen those "Yes, I want to receive product updates" questions inside Forms? 7. Because Forms requirerepparttar 109681 user to be specific, in some cases you can answerrepparttar 109682 questions, point to FAQs or simply notify that you'll be answering his request shortly using Autoresponders 8. Personalization accompanied with Automation. While there are many e-mail Autoresponder systems available onrepparttar 109683 market, which one allows you to addressrepparttar 109684 visitor with his name? Or furthermore, which one gives yourepparttar 109685 opportunity to use any other information ofrepparttar 109686 actual inquiry inrepparttar 109687 Autoresponder? Any simple Autoresponder that works together with a Form can do this and more!

Creating An Email Form

Written by Richard Lowe

Occasionally it is necessary to get some kind of information from your visitors. One way to do this is to embed your email address, as a "mailto" tag, directly on all of your web pages. This is not recommended forrepparttar following reasons.

Embedded email addresses are vulnerable to spam spiders. These are special programs which scan web pages looking for email addresses. These addresses are then sent spam emails.

- You cannot format your questions. - You cannot validaterepparttar 109673 answers torepparttar 109674 questions - You have no control overrepparttar 109675 visitor's experience ofrepparttar 109676 data entry.

All right, if you do not embed email addresses into your web pages, how do you get data from your visitors? It's simple - just create an email form.

Before you can begin you must obtain a forms processor. This can be done using a service such as Bravenet or you can install one on your own server (if this is allowed by your host provider). In these examples I will be assuming you are usingrepparttar 109677 Bravenet forms processor.

There are hundreds of different sites that will remotely host forms for you, and if none of those will serve your needs you can set up CGI routines on your own server (assuming your hosts supports them).

Once you have registered with your forms provider (in these examples I am assuming you use Bravenet) you can begin creating your form. You will need some information before you start:

- The name ofrepparttar 109678 forms processing routine - The names of any parameters which are needed by this routine

These items should be described inrepparttar 109679 documentation, FAQ or help files forrepparttar 109680 forms system.

Now you need to includerepparttar 109681 appropriate HTML code on your page to createrepparttar 109682 form. A simple form consists of two tags (there are other tags, but we will not go into them in this article)

- beginrepparttar 109683 form - get some data or define a value

The tag beginsrepparttar 109684 form and definesrepparttar 109685 location and name ofrepparttar 109686 forms processor to use. The purpose of this forms processor is to take any data that was entered by your visitor and format it into an email, then send that email back to you. Some ofrepparttar 109687 better forms systems allow you to confirmrepparttar 109688 data with your visitor before it's sent and to even send a copy of what was entered via email back to your visitor as a confirmation.

An example tag from Bravenet is shown below.

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