Former Terrorrists Getting into Government need Time, not God on their Side

Written by Angelique van Engelen

Today, in many countries' political realities, tribalist and nationalist or globalist forces clash fiercely, undermining chances of peace and democracy. This is particularly topical inrepparttar Middle East, where efforts by established leaderships to discourage armed conflict have reached a new phase, in which both Hezbollah and Hamas, organizations labeled 'terrorist' byrepparttar 136198 US, are nudged to start thinking about participation in mainstream politics.

The number of countries inrepparttar 136199 world atrepparttar 136200 moment that are in some form of transition is higher than some ten years ago, and in some ways more efforts are made to resolve situations that threaten stability. Andrepparttar 136201 moves of all involved parties are not without major-league risks.

By finally addressing security issues by making a clean sweepthrough,repparttar 136202 Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is slowly shifting into gear, startingrepparttar 136203 clampdown on Palestinian insurgency that has long been called for. he has even told Hamas fighters publicly to give up their arms, This was a first forrepparttar 136204 president who until now has been anything but clear on security issues. The Hamas leaders according to a report inrepparttar 136205 London Asharq Al Awsat paper are reportedly planning to return to Gaza afterrepparttar 136206 Israelis have withdrawn.

The newspaper report detailed thatrepparttar 136207 leaders are likely to move their group's political bureau to Gaza as soon as Israel transfers control overrepparttar 136208 border crossings torepparttar 136209 Palestinian Authority. "When a militia turns into a political party, I believerepparttar 136210 issue of a need for arms becomes irrelevant," Abbas was quoted as saying. "There will be only one authority, one law and one legal [armed force]," according torepparttar 136211 recently elected Palestinian leader, who played downrepparttar 136212 risks involved inrepparttar 136213 operation, saying that this has happened many times before in history.

Hamas leaders however deemed it necessary to reiterate that they have no intention of disarming at all. "Our fingers will remain onrepparttar 136214 rifle triggers untilrepparttar 136215 removal ofrepparttar 136216 occupation," Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri said, according torepparttar 136217 Israeli Al Haaretz paper. Even though Hamas has participated inrepparttar 136218 elections recently, Masri doubted that this meansrepparttar 136219 members are actually going to function as such.

It is remarks like these that worryrepparttar 136220 international community very much. US President George W. Bush has been said to be waiting with invitingrepparttar 136221 Palestianian leader Abbas until he has got something of substance to report. Perhaps an invitation will finally be extended soon now. The Palestinian leader has installed a hardliner as new intelligence chief. Tareq Abu Rajab, who used to be deputy intelligence chief, is known to have played an important role in a crackdown onrepparttar 136222 militant group Hamas.

Hamas, which has participated in municipal elections already, might see next July's municipal elections turn out in its favor. "Extrapolating fromrepparttar 136223 present point in time, Hamas I believe would gain between 30 and 50 percent inrepparttar 136224 elections torepparttar 136225 Palestinian Legislative Council in July. Fateh is in total disarray and is searching for its lost identity", said Matti Steinberg, an Israeli former security advisor to two heads ofrepparttar 136226 Israel General Security Service. "Hamas could register considerable gains in elections and possibly demand to play a role inrepparttar 136227 next Palestinian Authority government", according to Yossi Alpher, a former senior advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. The gains thatrepparttar 136228 'party to be' is likely to win are largely due to unhappiness ofrepparttar 136229 Palestine population withrepparttar 136230 Fateh party, which has lost its identity more or less due to dysfunctioning ofrepparttar 136231 PA.

This is echoed by Ghassan Khattib,repparttar 136232 Palestinian Authority minister of planning. "It is possible that Hamas, which so far maintains a fundamentalist ideological and extreme political position, will become a pragmatic movement if it hasrepparttar 136233 chance to be part of official politics, locally, regionally and internationally. The rhetoric of Hamas now reminds many of Fateh's rhetoric when it was treated byrepparttar 136234 "legitimate powers" as an "illegal terrorist group". Fateh successfully worked out a trade-off. It was recognized and included inrepparttar 136235 system in return for playing politics withinrepparttar 136236 parameters of international legality", he says.

How dogpoo can change the world

Written by Angelique van Engelen

Perhaps a silent revolution is taking place, this time more than ever literally on your doorstep. It’s been termed a ‘prank’, it’s been termed ‘borderline legal’, it’s been termed anti social but it simply IS ingenious. What is? Sticking a miniature US flag into piles of dog poo in public parks.

The trend’s origins are German. Two years of persistent campaigning in Bayreuth Park are drivingrepparttar police uprepparttar 135903 wall especially sincerepparttar 135904 offense has been repeated over 2,000 times. The flag prickers started their evildoing as a protest against repparttar 135905 war in Iraq andrepparttar 135906 campaign is still going on now. Nobody knows whetherrepparttar 135907 originators are still involved or whether it has simply caught on. Which makes German police a bit nervous. They wonder whatrepparttar 135908 motivation is at this moment in time.

But hey, perhaps dog poo creates a dynamic of its own when used as flag poles. We think that it is slightly unnerving though that this takes place in Germany, a country that is least likely to naturally take a good joke. That is perhaps whyrepparttar 135909 trend has blown over to safer territory;repparttar 135910 US and Canada. The genetic modifications that took place inrepparttar 135911 process have improvedrepparttar 135912 trend.

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