Formatting Your Ezine and Email Messages with TextPad

Written by Pamela Heywood

One ofrepparttar questions I am most often asked is how to format ezines. I always use TextPad for these, to format articles and a multitude of other email offerings. This software *fixes* hard line breaks so that everything comes out looking neat. It's a tool I would be lost without.

(You can get a free download ofrepparttar 124385 evaluation version here: This is fully working.)

I found it a little confusing to configure at first and had to ask for instructions, so here they are for you in case you haven't foundrepparttar 124386 *secret* yet ...

1. Fromrepparttar 124387 top menubar pick Configure, then Preferences

2. A box will have poped up. In there, choose Document Classes (Clickrepparttar 124388 little + torepparttar 124389 left of that category to expand it.)

3. Next click onrepparttar 124390 word "Text" withinrepparttar 124391 list of choices in that section.

4. The right hand part ofrepparttar 124392 box should now have changed. You should see a place atrepparttar 124393 bottom right there where it says "Word break at column number"

5. Click to put a tick inrepparttar 124394 box torepparttar 124395 left of that statement.

6. Type 60, 65 or however many characters per line you wish inrepparttar 124396 little box torepparttar 124397 right ofrepparttar 124398 statement. 65 is probably "industry standard". I like 60.

7. Click OK

You should now be set up correctly.

In use, there are a couple of other things you need to be aware of:

1. To makerepparttar 124399 formatting work in each individual document, you need to depress (torepparttar 124400 IN position)repparttar 124401 little button that is alongrepparttar 124402 second to top row ofrepparttar 124403 menubars. It looks like a "squiggle" or an S backwards.

Eight Steps to Increase Your Newsletter Advertising Revenue

Written by Howard Minsky

Asrepparttar newsletter market becomes increasingly more competitive, it's important to follow several key steps in your pursuit of potential advertisers. Simple steps such as providing basic information and practicing timely follow-up can contribute torepparttar 124384 success of your overall advertising revenue.

Follow these tips to quickly boost your advertising revenues.

1. Contact Information - Always place contact information toward bottom of your emails and articles. Include Company Name, Contact Name, Tel, URL, Email, Fax, and Address. Buyers prefer to purchase ad space from companies and individuals that are easy to contact and have a physical location. List an email address for purchasing advertising (Ex.

2. Target market - List your target market and demographics. If you have not yet performed a survey of your subscribers, then list your perceived target market. To gain actual demographics, email your subscribers a simple survey. This allows you to not only learn about your subscribers, but will also aid in efforts to increase subscriber base. A survey will also help you to develop editorial content geared towards your readers main concerns or interests.

3. Subscriber Numbers - Numbers are important when considering an ad purchase. Don't hesitate to listrepparttar 124385 number of subscribers to your newsletter as well asrepparttar 124386 average monthly percentage of growth rate.

4. Follow Up - This may be one ofrepparttar 124387 most valuable steps in increasing advertising revenue. After a sale, be sure to communicate with your advertiser. It's a lot easier to re-sell ad space than find a new ad buyer. Ifrepparttar 124388 advertising run is a one-issue purchase, emailrepparttar 124389 advertiserrepparttar 124390 day beforerepparttar 124391 newsletter goes out to remindrepparttar 124392 advertiser when it's scheduled to run. Then telephone or emailrepparttar 124393 advertiser afterrepparttar 124394 ad run to learn ofrepparttar 124395 effectiveness. Ifrepparttar 124396 advertiser is happy, resell them onrepparttar 124397 spot for a longer term. Ifrepparttar 124398 advertiser was unhappy withrepparttar 124399 results, ask "why" and then encourage them to buy another advertisement at a discounted rate. Ifrepparttar 124400 advertiser decides to purchase another run, be sure they make changes their ad copy. The effectiveness ofrepparttar 124401 ad often depends onrepparttar 124402 ad copy itself.

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